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We are all volunteers working for this group. If you would like to send us koha or a donation to help us with our work please feel free. Our bank account details are below or you can contact us here about any other forms of help. We welcome any new volunteers and members!

Climate Justice Taranaki Incorporated

Right now, we are also helping to raise funds for the North Taranaki Awa Protection Society.  Funds are urgently needed to hire an air quality expert and lawyer to put together evidence and argue against consents renewal by the Taranaki Regional Council for Remediation NZ’s operation near Uruti. For years, the company has been taking petroleum drilling wastes, green wastes and animal wastes, etc. for its compost making operation. The neighbouring families have been put through intolerable stench, many are sick. The Haehanga Stream and the Mimitangiatua River are degraded. Public hearings on the applications are scheduled to begin on the 24th March 2021.  Please support:

North Taranaki Awa Protection Society
TSB Bank number:
Use ‘legal help – surname‘ as Reference.

John McLean, Chairman of NTAPS thank you for your help.



  1. That petition is now closed but the EPA submission hearings are happening soon about OMV’s next proposal to drill in Taranaki again. See our June/July 2014 articles on this.

  2. Hello,
    Just want to thank you for the meeting at Opunake yesterday.
    Your presentations were very informative, and alarming!
    I am sure that the solid work that you are doing will get support, as the messages seep thro the community.
    Public and farmer inertia are your foes, along with the persuasive techniques of the oil companies, and the look the other way stance of the territorial authorities.
    Suggest Forest and Bird, environment groups, local market stalls,, farmers wives, grandmothers,play centres to get messages out there.
    Whanganui Green Party supports your efforts,
    Deb Frederikse

  3. Would love to help by doing leaflet dropping. This is such a great thing going on here, but it’s hard to share around other media sites ..where we can inform other public.

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