A spiritual fight against climate change and the rising sea


Sea Level Rise in India

Two months after the historic Papal encyclical, Islamic leaders and scholars from 20 countries are now calling for all followers to work towards zero greenhouse gas emission and 100% renewable energy strategy by 2050.  The Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change, is a concerted effort made to put pressure on Gulf states ahead of the Paris summit before the end of the year.

In the brief period since the Industrial Revolution, humans have consumed much of the non-renewable resources which have taken the earth 250 million years to produce – all in the name of economic development and human progress. We note with alarm the combined impacts of rising per capita consumption combined with the rising human population. We also note with alarm the multi-national scramble now taking place for more fossil fuel deposits under the dissolving ice caps in the arctic regions. We are accelerating our own destruction through these processes,” warned the Declaration which also called for corporations and businesses to actively reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impacts.

Indeed we are witnessing environmental impacts at all scales, from local spills of hydrocarbon drilling wastes to a legacy of contaminated land and water from ongoing and past activities, and rising sea level that will turn millions homeless as it inundate entire nations, cities and some of the world’s poorest regions. “Right now we have committed to probably more than three feet (one metre) of sea level rise, just based on the warming we have had so far,” said Steve Nerem of the University of Colorado, and leader of NASA’s sea level rise team.

In New Zealand, the impact will be significant at a national level and potentially devastating for some land owners. In some parts of the country, damaging coastal floods will become increasingly frequent,” said Dr Jan Wright, NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

It is time to act, it’s time to rise up for climate justice – a safe climate and a just world for all. Tell world governments to keep fossil fuels underground and finance a just transition.

wanganui floods wanganui chronicle 21Jun2015


Islamic leaders issue bold call for rapid phase out of fossil fuels (The Guardian, 16 Aug 2015)

Taranaki Regional Council work to clean up synthetic drilling mud spill (Taranaki Daily News, 27 Aug 2015)

Dunedin tar pit site highly contaminated (Radio NZ, 27 Aug 2015)

Rising sea could engulf Florida, Tokyo (Radio NZ, 27 Aug 2015)

Changing climate and rising seas (NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dec 2014)

Whanganui’s worst flood on record (Wanganui Chronicle, 21 June 2015)

Here and No Further (350.org, 15 Aug 2015)

Photos from Greenpeace: Sea level rise and Wanganui Chronicle

Stat Oil Secret Meetings with Iwi Exposed


Stop Statoil

Norwegian oil company has been meeting secretly with hapu leaders, as part of their divide-and-conquer strategy, despite Norwegian government’s strict rules on indigenous engagement. Greenpeace campaigner Mike Smith explained,  “You don’t go consulting with iwi by going around picking off individuals, meeting with them on the quiet, that’s not how we do it! … They are desperate to get social license signed off from the people up north…”   

MBIE from the central government is pushing itself into tomorrow’s meeting planned for 22 hapu and the Northland regional council.

Smith emphasized, “it is important as many people as possible go and if you are opposed to it you have got to let them know that, you have got to let Statoil know you don’t wish to have that sort of activity in the rohe, in the area where you are. … We’re in the beginning stages of a climate emergency and all roads lead back to the fossil fuel industry The risk of an oil spill, no matter how big or small, is too great.” Instead of drilling for deepsea oil, we should be moving onto renewable, sustainable energy systems.

Solidarity to the StopStatOil Northland protestors tomorrow!

Read more: Norwegian oil explorer accused of divide-and-rule tactics in Northland (Radio NZ, 27 Aug 2015)

Government officials head to Northland’s controversial Stat Oil hui (Radio NZ, 27 Aug 2015)

Social licence needed for Statoil drilling (Waatea News, 27 Aug 2015)

Northland iwi face Statoil over oil drilling plans (NZ Herald, 16 Aug 2015)

Media Statement: Otahuhu Power Station closes with the rise of sustainable systems


“Contact Energy’s announcement to close down its gas-fired Otahuhu power station, at the wake of Genesis’ plan to shut down Huntly’s coal-burning generators and the Solid Energy debacle, are clear signs that the era of fossil fuel dependence is coming to an end. The time is now ripe for the numerous consented or proposed renewable energy projects across the country to take off.

The fossil fuel industry is hurting the climate, its neighbours, its workers and the economy, just as dirty dairying is hurting the environment and farmers’ livelihoods.

We are ready to move onto sustainable energy and agricultural systems that are holistic, renewable, decentralised and democratic. It is time to ditch the extractive madness and build resilient communities that thrive on sharing, restoring and regenerating,” said Catherine Cheung, Climate Justice Taranaki.

Media: Hot competition hits Contact’s profit (Radio NZ, 17 Aug 2015)

Contact Energy profit slips 43pc to $133 million, will shut Otahuhu (Stuff Business, 17 Aug 2015) – “Our decision to close our Otahuhu B station reflects the growth in renewable electricity generation, such as the new Te Mihi geothermal power station, which has effectively replaced Otahuhu in Contact’s portfolio” Barnes said. … “New Zealand has a surplus of generating capacity at the moment and this means that generators have less control of the price. To make money, they need to keep the system on the edge of a shortage. Shutting down Otahuhu is consistent with this objective,” Leyland said.

Contact Energy closes Otahuhu Power Station (3news, 17 Aug 2015) But “Contact intends to continue extension works to a gas storage facility in Ahuroa to help with what they describe as an “ongoing transition to reduced thermal operations” in New Zealand. An extra 24,000 operating hours will be provided at its Taranaki combined cycle plant.”

TPPA Action Week 8-15 August / New Plymouth this Sat 15th


TPPA Aotearoa not for saleUnder the TPPA – Trans-Pacific Partnerships Agreement, big overseas companies will be able to sue the New Zealand government for millions in damages in secretive offshore tribunals, claiming that new laws and regulations have seriously undermined the value of their investments.”The implications of investor state litigation against New Zealand will be far-reaching, unpredictable, unaffordable and inconsistent with public health objectives...” said Public Health Association Chief Executive Warren Lindberg. Read the rest of this entry »

She has something the oil and gas industry and regulator don’t have


Alberta oil and gas consultant Jessica Ernst is taking the industry and government to supreme court, arguing that company Encana has knowingly fracked and contaminated groundwater. She is also suing the Alberta government and energy regulator of gross negligence. This interview with Jessica Ernst and her lawyer Murray Klippenstein is well worth listening to, as many threads of the story resemble what’s happening here in Taranaki, Read the rest of this entry »

Press release: Taranaki Regional Council Enviro Awards a Farce


“Dow AgroSciences, Fonterra and Methanex are three named sponsors of Taranaki Regional Council’s Environmental Awards. Their sponsorships makes a total mockery of these awards. This is akin to a weapons manufacturer sponsoring a peace scholarship” says Climate Justice Taranaki spokesperson Emily Bailey. Read the rest of this entry »

PRESS STATEMENT: Len Lye Arts Centre and the Fossil Fuel Industry


Todd-Energy-Mangahewa-E-well-site-29-Dec2014 FClark and Len Lye Centre

Spokesperson for Climate Justice Taranaki Incorporated, Janice Liddle says they object strongly to the funding by Todd Energy to the Len Lye Arts Centre. Read the rest of this entry »


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