Media Release: TRC policy delay will harm Taranaki


TRC Draft Freshwater Plan Cover WebThe Taranaki Regional Council’s suggestion to postpone the public notification processes of the Proposed Regional Freshwater and Land Plan would “delay the much needed policy until after 2020 and cause irreparable harm to rivers, wetlands and soils in Taranaki” say community watchdog Climate Justice Taranaki.

The review of the current plan, published in 2001, is already years overdue. It fails to address the key issues of contaminant discharge into waterways from intensive dairy farming and other industries. Read the rest of this entry »

People’s Call for Climate Justice


As the UN climate talk is about to begin in Paris, people from scientists to doctors, religious leaders and environmental activists around the world are mobilizing, uniting to make a stand for a safe and just climate future, challenging governments to take real actions and working together to build resilient, sustainable communities. Read the rest of this entry »

Where is the Triple Bottom Line?

snow ball cow F Clark

Photo by Fiona Clark, Taranaki.

The national state of the environment report “Environment Aotearoa 2015” released yesterday is another testament to the blatant mismanagement of our environment.

In the last ten years, the total land area used for dairy farming has increased by a whopping 28%. Our water is now more polluted, due largely to intensified farming, dairying in particular. Our land is increasingly being compacted, unproductive and prone to erosion, also due largely to intensified dairying. Nearly 80% of land under dairying are badly affected by compaction. Read the rest of this entry »

Oil and Gas retreating, step up our campaigns for a sustainable, low carbon future


waka port Ngamotu 20151020_140039LR

In the last month we have seen oil giant Shell pulled out of the Arctic and postponed its 2015 drilling programme in NZ’s Great South Basin indefinitely. Two weeks ago, Tag Oil announced cutting its 2016 spending by nearly 30% and delaying its work in NZ until next financial year or “until we see better oil pricing“. This is good news for the children and parents of Norfolk school where Tag Oil had planned to drill just 600m away, at least for now. Read the rest of this entry »

If you can only do one submission before the end of the year, this is the one


Proposed South Taranaki District Plan

This proposed district plan will have far reaching implications in how the oil and gas industry will be regulated on New Zealand, as other councils look on. The plan may even form the basis of a national policy statement, so we want to get it right. As it stands, the plan is far too permissive to the oil and gas industry, posing unacceptable risks to people and the environment.

Submission closes on 12 Oct 2015.

Below are the key points to submit on (following council’s required format):

1. Scope of Submission

My submission concerns all aspects of petroleum activities and hazardous substances in the proposed plan, and especially the Rural Zone Rules 3. 2.2 on minimum setbacks; Hazardous Substances Rules 12.2.4 and 12.3.2-12.3.4; and Energy Rules 13.1.1, 13.1.4, 13.1.5. Read the rest of this entry »

MEDIA RELEASE: Greymouth Petroleum struggling to drill in Tikorangi


Kowhai B 14Mar2015 F Clark !cid_74ce4ae5-ca29-11e4-9be2-00215ad801a4_1_0

A Greymouth Petroleum representative, Ms Dickie, admitted in court today that the oil company was confined to only one of several options for a proposed well site due to the community of Tikorangi not wanting them. An entire street of residents had been avoided in one option. “The community of Tikorangi is quite… anti-petrochem” she stated when explaining why other options had not been pursued for the site they are pressing for now. Read the rest of this entry »

Block the Offer


2016 block offer collage

Greenpeace is running a Block the Offer – Stop Deep Sea Oil campaign, as the NZ government begins its so-called consultation on its 2016 Block Offer for petroleum exploration.  The block offers will open yet another half a million 537,000km² to oil and gas exploration and drilling, mostly offshore, except for nearly 2,000 km² of onshore acreage in Taranaki. For us in Taranaki, it is hard to imagine how more of our precious land and communities can be sacrificed for this grossly exploitative and polluting industry. Meanwhile, Greymouth Petroleum is fighting in court to drill yet another set of wells in the Waitara Valley where a Te Atiawa ancestor was buried. Read the rest of this entry »


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