Zero Carbon Bill submission by Tue 16 July 2019

This is a very important piece of legislation currently being considered in Parliament. Please take time to have your say.  Here are our key points:

  1. We support limiting the global average temperature increase to 1.5o Celsius above pre-industrial levels as the aspirational goal, with setting up an overarching legislative framework for clear and ambitious New Zealand climate policies as the purpose of the Bill.
  2. The Bill should be a stand-alone and over-riding piece of legislation that governs every decision with implications on emissions and climate.
  3. The Bill must properly honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  4. The target for New Zealand to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 is too far away. It should be 2040.
  5. The targets for biogenic methane emissions by 2030 and 2050 are too weak. They need to be much more ambitious to enable rapid transition to net zero emission agriculture.
  6. Carbon offset needs to be capped, e.g. to 30% of total emissions.
  7. The 2050 target and emissions budgets must be enforceable.
  8. Climate change risk assessments and adaptation need to occur at all levels, with resources provided to regional and local authorities for effective implementation of adaptation plans.

Submission closes this coming Tue 16 July 2019.  Details on Parliament website.

There’s even a video to show you how if you need.




STOS 2017 applications for marine consent and marine discharge consent

Submit using EPA form or our form with suggested points. Opens till 5pm, 19 June 2017 . Details on EPA website.


MfE Next Step for Fresh Water

The Government is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the way fresh water is managed. There are key proposals which require serious critique, not to mention the insistence of ‘wadeable’ rather than ‘swimmable’ being the national bottom line. Details are on MfE website. Submission closes on 22 April 2016.

The Resource Management Law Association has a good summary of questions.Forest & Bird has an online submission form which is concise and easy to use.

MfE Resource Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

This bill amends the RMA, EEZ, and other acts and has huge implications.

Closing 14 March 2016, documents and submit via MfE website.

Read ECO’s critique, EDS draft submission and CJT submission.

MfE Marine Protected Areas Act Consultation

Closing 11 March 2016, documents and submit via MfE website.

Consultation hui at Waiokura, Winks Road, Manaia, on 22 Jan at 1:30.

Read EDS media statement and story on Radio NZ. Forest & Bird has an online submission form with suggested text. Here’s CJT’s submission.


Emission Trading Scheme Consultation 2015/2016

Documents and submit via MfE website.

Closing on 19 Feb 2016 (priority issues) and 30 April (other matters).


Mokau South Coal Mine application

Documents and submit via Waikato Regional Council website.

Closing on 2 Feb 2016. Watch out for CANA’s submission guide.


South Taranaki Proposed District Plan 2015

South Taranaki District Council has received 101 submissions on their proposed district plan. Council is now inviting further submissions in support of, or opposition to, submissions received.

Further submissions close at 4pm Friday 29 Jan 2016. Details on council website.

For ideas, have a read of our blog ‘Council approved land grab’ by oil and gas (22 Jan).


Fonterra’s consent applications to expand its Studholme plant in Canterbury including new coal-fired boilers

Closing on 27 Nov 2015, use Coal Action Network’s submission guide.

Environmental Protection Authority (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill

This bill amends the Environmental Protection Authority Act 2011 to add an additional objective that the organisation must aim to protect, maintain, and enhance New Zealand’s environment.

Please send in your submission, stating your support for the Bill, and whether you’d like to speak to your submission.

Details and online submission form on Parliament website. Submission closes on 10 September 2015.

Read CJT’s submission.

Consultation on New Zealand’s post-2020 climate change target

The Government is seeking views on New Zealand’s post-2020 climate change contribution under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). All countries have been asked to put forward a target – “intended nationally determined contributions” – to reduce emissions after 2020 ahead of the December negotiations in Paris. MFE discussion document and submission details are on MFE website.

Use the suggested points from us at CJT or the online submission forms prepared by Greenpeace, Generation Zero or Green Party  or write your own. CJT calls for a minimum 40% reduction target by 2030 and concrete policies to support it. This target is similar to commitments already made by the EU and Norway.

Submissions close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 3 June 2015

OMV NZ Application for Marine Consent to drill seven development wells at Maari Oil Field

Submissions close on Tue 29 July 2014.  Details on EPA website. See also CJT media release.


MBIE  Developing Regulations to Support the new Health and Safety at Work Act – discussion document

Submissions close on Friday 1 August 2014. Details on MBIE website.

South Taranaki District Annual Plan 2014/15

Submissions close on Monday 5 May 2014.  See CJT submission template or full submission to Stratford DC for reference. More details on STDC website.


Taranaki Regional Council Draft Annual Plan 2014-15

Submissions close on Tuesday 22 April 2014. See CJT submission in full.  More details on TRC website.  


New Plymouth District Annual Plan 2014/15

Submissions close on Tuesday 17 April 2014. Download CJT full submission. Details on NPDC website.


Stratford District Annual Plan 2014/15

Submissions close on Tuesday 17 April 2014. Download CJT full submission. More details on SDC website.


Stratford District Council Plan Review discussion document: Managing Energy Resource Development the Effects of Climate Change

According to SDC, the document gives a summary of the different laws and policies that guide energy development, and of all the different issues that have to be considered.

Submission closes on 14 Feb 2014 (extended to 7 March). Documents and details at SDC website. CJT submission here.


TTR (Trans Tasman Resources) South Taranaki Bight Offshore Ironsand Mining Application

The EPA has re-notified the TTR application because some of the documents accompanying the application were not made available on the EPA website for the entire submission period following the previous notification. The new submission period will close at 5.00pm on 28 January 2014.  Details on EPA website.


TTR (Trans Tasman Resources) South Taranaki Bight Offshore Ironsand Mining Application

Submission closes on 19 Dec 2013, 5pm. The application and online submission form are on EPA website. KASM (Kiwi Against Seabed Mining) has detailed information and a submission template for your reference.

EEZ & Continental Shelf Act (2012) and current regulatory proposals

These proposals, if passed, will eliminate opportunities for public say over offshore drilling and waste dumping, by the introduction of a new non-notified discretionary category. See MFE media release.

Submission details and a discussion paper on the regulation of exploratory drilling, discharges of harmful substances and dumping of waste in the Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf are on MFE website.  Submit by 25 September 2013, 5pm, by email to: with your name, phone number, email and postal address.

Read CJT’s submission and feel free to adapt it for your own. Alternatively, submit via Greenpeace, now!


Freshwater Reform 2013 and beyond

Check out Greenpeace’ points to consider when writing your submission.

Deadline of submission is 8 April 2013. Details at MFE website.


Resource Management Act Reform

The reform put forward will change the intent of the Act fundamentally. It will, for the first time, put economic considerations into environmental protection. Listen to the Radio NZ interviews with EDS (Environment Defence Society) and the Environment Minster to gain some understanding about the significance of the reforms. Or simply submit via Greenpeace site.

Deadline of submission is 2 April 2013. Details at MFE website.


2015 Block Offers on the East Coast

Please make a quick email submission to by 9 January 2013. Below are a few suggested points:
I do not support the blocks 13EC2+ 13EC1 being offered at this stage because:
(a) there are too many unknowns with exploration on the East Coast, as outlined in the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report (see p70). Until those questions are adequately answered there should be no exploration in these areas;
(b) there are already permits granted and consents applied for – Gisborne District Council should use these to build capacity and expertise rather than risk being overwhelmed too quickly with many more applications to explore should permits be offered and granted;
(c) the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment warned of a ‘rapid scaling up’ of fossil fuel exploration on the East Coast. I do not feel that the community has had the opportunity for any say in this matter, and that it is GDC’s responsibility to give the people of Tairawhiti a say on an industry that could potentially redefine the nature of our region, with environmental, economic and cultural impacts that are not yet fully understood;
(d) In your own words – and please add this as it will add so much weight to your submission –  what are your underlying concerns about the introduction of an oil industry on the East Coast, and what do you think about the way this is happening? Add anything else you’d like…

Draft Minerals Programme Consultation

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is inviting submissions on the draft Minerals Programme for Petroleum and the draft Minerals Programme for Minerals (excluding Petroleum) as part of the review of the Crown Minerals Act 1991 regime.

Deadline for submissions is 5pm Wed 5th December 2012.  Details on MED website.


Maui’s Dolphin Threat Management Plan

The plan and submission details can be downloaded from MPI website. Submissions re fishing-related threats must go to MPI while those re non-fishing related threats must go to DOC.  All submissions must be received by 5pm Monday 12 November 2012.

The Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society has a brief analysis and suggested submission points here. Note especially the non-fishing related threats including seismic surveys and seabed mining.

Electronic submission and further information are also available on Forest and Bird website.

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