STOP Tamarind – No more drilling!

More drilling off the Taranaki coast? We’ve had enough!

Tamarind Taranaki Ltd (Tamarind), a multi-national drilling company, has made an application to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to drill five new side-track wells to extract more oil off the Taranaki coast, and to discharge harmful contaminants at sea. Despite the announcement of no new offshore exploration licenses, the government is hell-bent on allowing companies that hold current licenses to continue fossil fuel mining.  We all know that if we want a stable climate and a safe environment for future generations, we need to leave oil, gas and coal in the ground.

Please take the time to write a submission using the form below.

Please ensure that you have authority to make this submission on behalf of the submitter(s) named on this form. 

Feel free to write your own text as to why you are opposed to this application. Alternatively, we have prepared a short template for you which you can insert under ‘Further comments’ in the form below:

I am opposed to further oil drilling off the Taranaki coast by Tamarind in the Tui Field, 20 kms off coast. This is a precious and fragile environment and home to threatened marine species, such as whales, dolphins and penguins. We cannot allow further destruction of our environment and our climate by profit-driven companies. I support Climate Justice Taranaki and other groups who are taking a stand against this application. It is our obligation to protect our coastline and marine environment for future generations. An oil spill here could reach far beyond Taranaki, causing devastating impacts on kaimoana, on our ability to enjoy the beaches and the ocean as an ecosystem. I urge the Environmental Protection Authority to do its job and protect the environment from this company.

SUBMISSIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED. A big thank you to everyone who made a submission. Ngā mihi.

Your submission will be sent to the EPA and to Tamarind, as is required by law. If you selected that you want to speak to your submission, you will be contacted by EPA staff to make arrangements. For previous Taranaki applications, hearings were held in Wellington and New Plymouth. However, you can speak to your submission via Skype and don’t have to physically attend a hearing.

Submissions close on 18th June 2018.

Please share this with your friends and whānau.

You can find our more about the application on the EPA website.

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