Other links

Some very RELEVANT ARTICLES and WEBSITES from other organisations:

Zotero PSE Study Citation Database (compiled by Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy, updated regularly) – contains only peer-reviewed journal articles on shale gas and (tight) oil development covering air and water quality, health, economics, etc.

List of harmed, Pennsylvannia alliance for clean water and air (updated regularly, 2014)

Frac Tracker Academic Research, a comprehensive site with links to many substantial research

TXSharon Bluedaze drilling reform (July 2013)  – Read also “How Texas natural gas boom affects health and safety” (OGAP, 2011)

Is Taranaki the new Texas?  (LIVE magazine, April 2013 – pdf 2.84 Mb)

Fracking: Economic Boom or Environmental Bust (LIVE magazine, Winter 2012)

Fracking: The Deeper you Dig, the Darker it Gets!  (Massey University magazine, 19 March 2012)

Frankly speaking: Did the minister lie to New Zealand?

A link between heavy drilling and and illnesses? Doctors search for solid answers (USA)

Impacts of shale gas and shale oil extraction on the environment and human health (EU)

Fracking, shale gas and health: a case for precaution (Canada)

Inside Climate News  (USA) – note useful diagram on air emissions from oil/gas development and video Big oil and bad air on the Texas prairie

Clean Country Coalition

Greenpeace New Zealand

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining

Environmental Defence Society (NZ)

Natural Gas Extraction – Hydraulic Fracturing, EPA (USA)

Frac Focus (USA)

National Map of Fraccidents (USA)

US Geological Survey FAQ – Earthquakes induced by fluid injection (USA)

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (USA)

Earthworks – Protecting communities and the environment (USA)

Earth Justice: Find Your Way: A Citizen’s Tip Guide (USA)

FACEBOOK GROUPS you might want to join:

Stop the Drilling in Taranaki
NO Frack Taranaki
Stop the Drilling on our East Coast
Frack Free Aotearoa New Zealand
No Mining Northland

Frack Free Kapiti and Beyond

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining
Stop Drilling for Oil off the coast of Opotiki
Say No to Fracking in New Zealand
Anadarko OUT of Otakou
Save Otakou from Oil Drilling
Say no to fracking and drilling South Island
Lock the Gate Alliance (Australia)

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