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Question 7: Gareth Hughes to the Minister of Energy and Resources (29 Feb 2012, NZ)

The Big Fix – Behind the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill (Dec 2011)

Economics of Shale Gas, presented by Deborah Rogers (Jan 2012)

The official trailer for Gaslands, the film that sparked an international uproar. Gaslands 2 is out soon.

Check out these important documentaries / radio interviews also:

For a bit of fun / black humour, watch these:

Photos of flaring at NZ Energy Corporation’s Copper Moki wellsite, taken by S Roberts (3 June 2012).

Photos of Todd Energy’s Mangahewa C well site (right) inland from Waitara and Greymouths’ well site and flare (left), courtesy of local resident M Smith.

Photos from the Day of Action Rally to commemorate the first anniversary of the Deep Sea Horizon oil spill in Gulf of Mexico (New Plymouth, 20 April 2011):

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