Press release: Electricarna – Sat 24 February


Climate Justice Taranaki cordially invite Taranaki locals and visitors to the inaugural Electricarna this Sat 24 February, 3-7 pm at the New World carpark on Courtenay Street, New Plymouth.

The event will showcase a variety of electric vehicles (EVs) which are becoming popular alternatives to petrol guzzlers. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet passionate EV owners eager to share their knowledge and experience on their electric cars and bikes.

We are so excited to work with local EV enthusiasts who have made this event possible. The amount of energy and expertise is amazing!  It is clear that awareness on climate change is growing and people are embracing alternatives to fossil fuels.  Transport and agriculture are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in New Zealand.  As more drivers shift to EVs, individually or community owned, and public transport also becomes electrified, New Zealand will come closer to becoming carbon zero,” said Catherine Cheung, spokesperson of Climate Justice Taranaki.

Stephen Hobo-Tuck, founder of Naki EV Owners Group and co-organiser of Electricarna, wanted a more personal and hands-on experience for EV owners in New Plymouth, so Electricarna is a way of meeting that need.

EVs are popping up in all sorts of places, being used as business vehicles and second family cars. The most popular model is the Nissan Leaf (LEAF stands for Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Family Vehicle) which comes in hatchback and van and has been around for 8 years now. BMW have the i3 model which is also well regarded, being more powerful and having more range than the Leaf. Top of the range is, of course, Elon Musk’s Tesla, with blistering performance and huge range, with a price to match. No matter how you look at it, electric vehicles are here to stay, so come along on Saturday and LOOK, LEARN and LOVE the new electric vehicles: the future of transport,”said Stephen Hobo-Tuck.

The organisers thank The Better NZ Trust – Leading the Charge, for their logistics support, New World for providing us with the venue, and Taranaki Environmental Education Trust for promotion.


New car event quietly cruises into town (TDN, 25 Feb 2018)

Electric spark to car events (EV Talk, 26 Feb 2018)


Victories, Resistance and Determination


Victoria ban fracking Greenleft 31Aug16 collage for cjt blog 4sep2016

The last few weeks and months have seen a series of encouraging wins on the environmental front: Read the rest of this entry »

Govt Freshwater Consultation – Come along


stony river mouth cows molesworth petrochem danger

The govt is consulting the public on their freshwater policy. Come to the meeting this Monday 21st March, 12 noon at the Quality hotel in New Plymouth. Details on Ministry for the Environment website.

Invitation: What the Frack? June 2014


Mangahewa D 18-06-14-Flaring-smoke Rimutauteka rd cows FClark

Look at the huge gas flare with thick smoke coming out of Todd Energy’s Mangahewa-D wellsite, Rimutauteka near Inglewood, yesterday. Imagine the health effects on nearby residents and livestock. Photo by Fiona Clark, 18 June 2014.

Taranaki locals, if you are concerned about the oil and gas industry and want to find out more about its impacts and your rights, come to our Community Meetings this and next Sat 21st & 28th June 2014. Details here.

Media: Norfolk drilling pledge, TDN 23/06/2014.

Oil firm’s PR fluff, TDN 25/06/14;  Not the good oil, TDN, 26/06/14

Media highlights (1-15 March 2013)


Opponents slam hush around oil / gas probe (Manawatu Standard, 12 March)

Report backs drilling  (TDN, 11 March)

Continued drought support unsustainable  (Stuff Business, 11 March)

Oil and gas could transform the East Coast – report  (NZ Herald, 7 March)

Study shows coal seam gas fields leaking at greater rates (ABC News, 7 March)

Anger over oil bubbles to surface (TDN, 7 March)

Huge job boost when plant reopens (TDN, 7 March)

NZ unprepared for deep water oil spill – Greens (Stuff politics, 4 March)

Sustainable Farming Film Festival


[event info]

Practical examples of sustainable farming techniques such as polyface farming, permaculture, forest gardens, edible cattle hedges, biological farming and organics all feature in a Sustainable Farming Film Festival coming to Okato’s Hempton Hall next Saturday 24 November. Read the rest of this entry »

Invitation to a Taranaki Frack Site Tour – July 28, workshops, events, protests, news and views


Tena koutou katoa,

This newsletter is a biggie and we have a big event planned in two weeks time that we invite you all to attend: the ‘Taranaki Dirty As Regional Fracking Tour’ on July 28. We hear about and see these ‘normal’ Taranaki oil and gas sites all over our region so now you can find out what really goes on there and who bears the brunt of this billion dollar industry. See below for more information.

As always in these panui, we have lots of other invites to events organised by awesome Taranaki agitators and educators. Please get along to them and support a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable Taranaki. There’s a national call-out for September and some thought provoking writing and a radio interview at the end.

Lastly, some gardening tips to go with the amazing weather we’re having lately. Get your potatoes/taewa sprouting now for an early planting at the end of the month. Prepare your soil and leave it for a while so birds can get the bugs out. Ash from non-treated wood, paper or kawakawa (if you’re doing old-style pest control) makes a great fertiliser for taewa that has been used in this fertile region for hundreds of years. Plant taewa in trenches. Mound them up with light soil as they grow and they should be ready by Xmas.

Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora ai te tangata.
With your basket and my basket, we will feed the future.

Climate Justice Taranaki

Taranaki Dirty As Regional Fracking Tour
Sat 28 July 2012

All Welcome!

This World Day of Action Against Fracking, join local residents and others from afar on a guided tour of Taranaki’s poorly regulated, mismanaged and non-compliant Oil and Gas production and disposal sites.
Learn the truth behind our region’s LOW environmental performance and what local politicians DON’T want you to know. Find out from residents what it’s really like living next to gas wells and toxic flares burning day and night…

Meet at Ngaere Hall near Stratford 10am, depart 10:30, return 4.30 pm.
Bus fare $10/person or follow in your car, BYO packed lunch.
Public presentations and social korero in the evening, tea and biccies provided.

Accommodation available near Stratford for Friday and Saturday nights. Koha and own bedding please.

For booking, email
More information soon at

New Plymouth PROTEST Asset sales!

12 noon Saturday July 14, 2012
Huatoki plaza, Devon st West, New Plymouth

This is a national day of action against John Key’s planned asset sales. We are planning to march from Huatoki Plaza up to Jonathon Young’s electoral office on Gill st and auction it off. This will be child friendly and peaceful. Please join us and help send John Key a clear message not to sell our kids futures! This protest is supported by the Taranaki Trade Union movement.

There are protests across the country. For more info:

Greenpeace Fundraiser Movie Night

7pm Saturday July 14, 2012
Egmont Village Community Hall

The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island

“It is a documentary about a group of Greenpeace pioneers once part of the crew of the Rainbow Warrior. They saved whales around Iceland and campaigned in the Pacific against nuclear testing. But their adventures come to a tragic end in 1985 when bombs planted by French Secret Service sank the ship and one person was killed.
Now, 25 years later, they are living on Waiheke Island in Aotearoa. Advancing age causes them to make up the balance: have their ideals proven to be tenable, and what has their activist past achieved for the world and for themselves?”

Koha Recommendation: $5-10
Food: Popcorn and Tea provided
Contact:, 021 0758804

All money goes towards Greenpeace and their aim to protect the Arctic from being opened up to oil exploitation!
Looking forward to seeing you there.

More Avonstour sustainable living courses:

14 July     – Smoking & curing, $140, 10am-4pm
21 July     – Introduction to biodynamics & the planting calendar, $100, 10am-4pm
28 July     – Weston Price – offal processing & cooking, $140, 10am-4pm
29 July     – Fruit tree pruning & grafting, $100, 10am-4pm
4 Aug      – Basic butchery 1, $140, 10am-4pm
11 Aug    – Smallholders guide to livestock, $100, 10am-3pm
12 Aug    – Chook dome building & egg curry making…, $80, 10am-3pm
26 Aug    – Creating a food forest in NZ, $120, 9am-5pm

Morning teas provided. If you want to book any of these courses go to, ring 06 7522181 or email me at For more info go to
Dee Turner
Korito Education

Felt Slippers Workshop

Course fee: $120 incl. material
15 July 2012, 10am – 4pm
Venue: Egmont Village Community Centre

Felting warm slippers out of sheep wool is an extremely satisfying technique. These slippers will fit you perfectly because we are moulding them directly onto your feet.
Bring a couple of towels in different sizes. No harm will come to them, they will just get wet. All other materials and tools will be provided, but bring your own wool if you want. Please bring a plate of food to share if possible. Coffee and tea will be provided. You will leave this workshop with tired arms, a handout with step-by-step instructions, a pair of still damp but very unique slippers and a proud smile on your face because you did them all by yourself!
Contact & Bookings: Franziska,  06-7696841

Time Banking

It’s a relatively new concept to New Zealand. It facilitates the sharing of skills between its members, both individuals and community groups. Time Banking creates and promotes well-being, helping communities flourish and thrive. Time Banking activity is measured by the time it takes to complete a piece of work. Everyone’s time is considered equal.

We would love to meet you at our next Timebank New Member Orientation

7:30-8:30pm Thursday 26th July
St. Mary’s Peace Memorial Hall (opposite St Mary’s Cathedral), New Plymouth
44 Vivian St – plenty of parking next to building and on the road.

·         Meet other new and existing members.
·         Ask all the questions you can dream of.
·         Share stories of Timebanks transactions.
·         Meet your ‘Time Angel’ (every new member has a dedicated buddy).
·         Let us know how we can support you to make full use of Timebanks.

Light refreshments provided. See you there! For more information contact Tony: (06) 759 1178 ext.4 or (0274) 934 601

Calling all climate campaigners

Dear friends

We’ve heard that the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) are presenting the NZ Petroleum Summit this September 19-20 here in Wellington.

A number of us thought Yukkkk! There’s no way that’s going ahead without us protesting.  So, we’re calling a Wellington planning meeting to organise how we might like to respond.

The planning meeting will be:
7:30 – 9:00pm Thursday 16th August
Facebook event here:
We hope as many of the climate change, climate justice and anti-mining groups and NGOs can make it along. We haven’t got plans yet for what we might do – so please bring your thoughts.

Please note, this is NOT a public meeting; it is for those who want to organise against the NZ Petroleum Summit. Mining bosses and PR reps will most definitely not be welcome.

Thoughts on Peak Oil and Economic Collapse

I Think I Hear the Fat Lady Singing.
By Stuart Bramhall.

“I have spent this past weekend at a lecture and workshop by Arizonan Guy McPherson, who is currently touring New Zealand. McPherson blogs at Nature Bats Last and has recently published a book called Walking Away from Empire: a Personal Journey. During his lecture he presented some very interesting oil production/price data that has made it possible for a number of mainstream and non-mainstream economists and financial advisers to project a date for the next economic crisis. Many, like McPherson, believe the next one will be so catastrophic it will bring down the global financial system and world trade and monetary system, and possibly our energy and telecommunications grid. In other words, TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It)….” more from our Taranaki blogger
NOTE: we do not necessarily agree with his ideas around using lots of oil!

Has The Peak Oil Idea… Peaked? And if so, does the planet stand a chance?
By Gordon Campbell.

“They call it oil, but it just might as well be quicksilver. In this year’s Budget, all the energy cost assumptions were based on the oil price for West Texas crude falling from above $US100 a barrel in the March quarter of 2012, to $US94.4 a barrel by the June quarter of 2016. Well, hello. At time of writing (June 18, 2012) the price of West Texas crude was already down to $US83.27 a barrel and falling towards a predicted low of $US65 by next year. In part, this plunge is a reflection of the economic slowdown in the global economy – and sure enough, a fall off in demand can only have helped to send the price of Brent Crude tumbling from its four year high of $US128 a barrel in March to $95.76 in mid June, a trend that has (finally!) flowed through to lower prices at the petrol pump. Short term, that sounds good, right?….” more at
NOTE: he does not take into account the looming global economic crash but useful analysis anyway.

From the capitalists:

And one of our own!: