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Photos: Explosion at a Colorado home on 1 May 2017 (photo 9News); Phosphate mining in Western Sahara (photo AFP); Sharing economy infographics

On 17th April, a home in Colorado was blasted to the ground, killing two people. The home was 178 feet (54 metres) from a recently restarted old gas well operated by Anadarko. The cause of the explosion: gas leak from a cut flow line off the gas well.

Such a loss is both terrible and preventable.  Many questions need to be answered: Read the rest of this entry »

Media Highlights: 16-30 Nov 2012


Council gives assurances to fracking (TDN, 29 Nov) – in response to PCE report

New York Health Officials Outline Health Risks of Fracking (Nation of Change, 28 Nov)

Fracking still too risky (Scoop, 28 Nov) – in response to PCE report

Frack off – Statement from MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira  (MANA, 28 Nov) – in response to PCE report

Interim report finds no need for moratorium on fracking (Radio NZ, 28 Nov) – in response to PCE report

Fracking company had poor environmental performance (Radio NZ, 28 Nov) – in response to PCE report

Todd Energy say there is no need for regulation reform (Radio NZ, 28 Nov) – in response to PCE report

Fracking report holds off on big decisions (3 News, 27 Nov) in response to PCE report

Still unclear how safe fracking is (Radio NZ, 27 Nov) – interview with PCE Jan Wright

Fracking gets the green light – for now (Idealog, 27 Nov) in response to PCE report

The top of the world is melting (SMH, 28 Nov)

Concerned, but fracking escapes ban (NZ Herald, 28 Nov)in response to PCE report

Fracking study finds lax control (TDN, 28 Nov)in response to PCE report

Worry over Fracking – but no moratorium (Stuff Politics, 27 Nov) in response to PCE report

Safety of Fracking Not Guaranteed (NZ Green Party, 27 Nov) in response to PCE report

UN to launch new round of talks on global warming (NZ Herald, 26 Nov)

Fracking rules likely to be tightened (NZ Herald, 26 Nov)

Environment report not likely to seek fracking ban (TDN, 25 Nov)

Oil firm called to explain illegal flaring (TDN, 22 Nov)

Frack fight: a secret war of activists (Aljazeera, 21 Nov)

Sustainable Farming takes centre stage (TDN, 20 Nov)  – nice media coverage of CJT’s event

Doctors raise alarm over toxic coal seam gas leaks (Sydney Morning Herald, 17 Nov)

How safe are America’s 2.5 million miles of pipelines (Scientific American, 16 Nov)

Two missing in Gulf oil rig blast (ABC News, 16 Nov)

Fracking sand may pose health hazard to workers, residents (Huffington Post, 16 Nov)

Media Headlines (1-15 Nov 2012)


Methane leaking from coal seam gas field, testing shows (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Nov)

Fracking and Radium – the silvery white monster (Huffington Post, 15 Nov)

Undersea fault line risk swells (Stuff Science 14 Nov)

Energy Industry Hits Back at ‘Buying Friends’ claims (TDN, 14 Nov) – coverage of CJT media release “Climate Justice Taranaki contradicts Todd” 13 Nov 2012

Consultation on Areas for 2013 Petroleum Block Offer (Scoop, 8 Nov)

Fracking essential, says Todd report  (Business Day, 8 Nov) The full report can be downloaded from Todd Energy website (8Mb).

On the Pike River Coal Mine disaster report (Scoop, 6 Nov)

Report reveals laxity of NZ law (The Press, 6 Nov)

Let Miners’ Legacy be a Turning Point  (NZ Herald, 6 Nov)

Pike River: ‘Unrelenting picture of failure’ (NZ Herald, 5 Nov)

Pennsylvania Report Left Out Data on Poisons in Water Near Gas Sites  (NY Times, 2 Nov)

News Headlines (1-16 May 2012)


STDC councillor sounds alarm (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

Hapu says it won’t accept fracking in rohe (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

We need to be greener Fed Farmers (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

Drilling plans destroy lifestyle dream  (May 16, NZ Taranaki)

Gas pipeline cannot be breakproof (May 15, NZ Taranaki)

Tag Oil drilling plan set for fight (May 14, NZ Taranaki)

Oil industry needs to face facts  (May 10, NZ) – Must read!

Game over for the climate  (May 9, Canada)

Solar is Europe’s most installed power source, Lobby says  (May 9, Europe)

It’s time for the truth about drilling (May 8, NZ) – Post your comments!

NZ Plans crumbling (May 7, NZ) – Re Anadarko’s plans in Taranaki & Canterbury, also NZOC & OMV

Fracking: A dehydrated UK, watered only by captalism (May 7, UK)

Protest against fracking and deep sea oil drilling  (May 7, NZ Wellington)

Asset sales hikoi marches on parliament (May 4, NZ Wellington)

Taranaki base for southern search  (May 4, NZ Taranaki & Great South Basin)

District shuns fracking (May 1, NZ Kaikoura)

New study predicts frack fluids can migrate to aquifers within years   (May 1, USA)

NZOG may take bigger stake in Kaheru  (May 1, NZ Taranaki)

Fracking company Tag Oil buys land in Taranaki  (May 1, NZ)

Risks of onshore oil catastrophe  (May 1, NZ)  – Read this!