Media highlights (3-31 Jan 2014)


Fears fracking will fracture communities  (Radio NZ, 31 Jan) – Listen to more on the fracking issue on Insight at 8.12am on the Sunday Morning programme

Fracking needed to find out if Wairoa’s hiding oil  (Stuff Business, 30 Jan)

The anti-fracking activist barred from 312.5 square miles of Pennsylvania  (Guardian, 29 Jan)  – shocking!

Cuadrilla fracking delays over radioactive waste water  (BBC, 27 Jan) – “Flowback water is now classed as radioactive waste following European regulations… We need a radioactive substances permit to flow test any well after fracturing…”

Fracking could be allowed under homes with owners’ permission (Telegraph, 26 Jan)

Radioactive waste dumped by oil companies is seeping out of the ground in North Dakota  (Alter Net, 24 Jan)

Calls for more seismic testing research after whale strandings  (TV One News, 24 Jan)

Second day of Anadarko oil protest  (Dominian Post, 24 Jan)

Labour will honour deep-sea drilling agreements (TV 3 News, 22 Jan)

Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist  (Guardian, 21 Jan) – Must read: “From North America to Europe, the twin spectres of “terrorism” and “extremism” are being disingenuously deployed by an ever more centralised nexus of corporate, state and intelligence power, to suppress widening public opposition to that very process of unaccountable centralisation….”

Anne Salmond:  Treat rivers as taonga, not toilets  (NZ Herald, 21 Jan)

Tag given consent to drill 6 wells  (TDN, 20 Jan 2014)

Matuku-1 News Release  (NZOG, 20 Jan 2014) – re seismic survey off SW Taranaki

50 pilot whales refloated, 12 dead, after mass stranding  (Wellington Scoop, 19 Jan 2014)

Gary Taylor: Secretive regime on drilling dangerous  (NZ Herald, 13 Jan 2014)

Failed doubters trust leaves tax payers at loss  (Dominion Post, 12 Jan)

Noisy oil protest at Tag Oil offices  (TDN, 10 Jan 2014)

Protestors jeer oil boss (TV One News, 10 Jan 2014)

4 states confirm water pollution from drilling (USA Today, 5 Jan)

South Island seismic survey finished  (Stuff Business, 3 Jan)

Media Highlights (1-20 Oct 2013)


Does Kaikoura want oil drilling?  (TV 3 news, 17 Oct)

Govt warned of oil spill impact  (stuff politics, 16 Oct)

Study reveals dangerous levels of radioactivity near fracking waste site  (The Real News, USA, 15 Oct)

Group criticises fracking consultation timeframe (NZ Radio, 14 Oct)

Simon Bridges defends Kaihoura drilling exploration  (TV 3 news, 14 Oct) – dismal but worth watching

To frack or not to frack  (Brisbane Times, 14 Oct)  – well articulated issues on fracking and coal seam gas

Packed house airs oil issues  (NZ Herald, 12 Oct)

Kaikoura’s trepidation with oil giant’s arrival (TV 3 news, 8 Oct) – must watch

Media highlights (1-15 March 2013)


Opponents slam hush around oil / gas probe (Manawatu Standard, 12 March)

Report backs drilling  (TDN, 11 March)

Continued drought support unsustainable  (Stuff Business, 11 March)

Oil and gas could transform the East Coast – report  (NZ Herald, 7 March)

Study shows coal seam gas fields leaking at greater rates (ABC News, 7 March)

Anger over oil bubbles to surface (TDN, 7 March)

Huge job boost when plant reopens (TDN, 7 March)

NZ unprepared for deep water oil spill – Greens (Stuff politics, 4 March)

Media highlights (1-28 Feb 2013)


Major fracking report set back again  (NZ Herald, 28 Feb)

Oil exploration gets approval (Manawatu Standard, 28 Feb)

Rural protection sought  (Radio NZ, 27 Feb)  – listen to this

Companies set to lose billions over coal seam gas ruling (Sydney Morning Post, 19 Feb)

Minister boasts of fracking ban (TDN, 17 Feb)

Living near oil site has problems (TDN, 16 Feb)

Exploration permits raise hackles  (Marlborough Express, 9 Feb)

January NZ O&G Activity Wrap (Energy Stream, 8 Feb)

Lawless, Greenpeace activists sentenced  (TDN, 7 Feb)

Taranaki Drilling firms told off over breaches  (TDN, 6 Feb)

Oil tracers harmless to humans – council (TDN, 6 Feb)

Economist Debates: Fracking – Do the benefits derived from shale gas outweigh the drawbacks of fracking?  (Economist, 5 Feb)

Acidic oceans threaten shellfish industry (Stuff Business Day, 3 Feb)

East Coast oil search cranks up (Dominion Post, 1 Feb)

Eco-systems threatened by agrichemical runoff (NZ Herald, 1 Feb)

MEDIA RELEASE: Climate Justice Taranaki contradicts Todd


In a recent submission to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE), Climate Justice Taranaki (CJT) has highlighted the complex issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations in New Zealand  and their far reaching impacts, should they be allowed to proliferate. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Highlights (12-31 Oct 2012)


Water quality fracking worries unfounded: Council (TDN, 31 Oct)

National scraps crucial environment report (Scoop, 29 Oct) See also two reports regarding greenhouse gas emissions and water quality

Lorca earthquake caused by groundwater extraction (BBC, 22 Oct) – also mentions waste disposal and CO2 sequestation underground

Gas pipeline under threat in 59 places (Business Day, 22 Oct)

Consent for oil drilling exploration could get easier  (3 News, 18 Oct)

Marine scientist warns of oil well risk  (Radio NZ, 17 Oct) – re Anadarko and other deep sea oil exploration

Unknown fracking chemicals used for 22 years in Taranaki  (Radio NZ, 15 Oct)  – re radioactive materials

Region’s fracking history queried  (TDN, 15 Oct)

Radioactive fracking consent sought  (TDN, 13 Oct)

Drill, baby drill – all over the region (TDN, 12 Oct)