Media highlights (July 2014)


Failure to deal with ethics will make climate engineering ‘unviable’  (Guardian, 31 July)

Dolphin’s policy costs ‘billions’  (TDN, 31 July) – more unsubstantiated claims and overestimates of the real worth of Taranaki’s oil and gas industry

Dairy farms rigorously monitored (TDN, 29 July) – “Taranaki Regional Council issued 125 abatement notices in the year 2013/2014 for dairy effluent disposal lapses – the most in the country. … “

Dirty dairying offences declining  (TDN, 28 July)  – “17 regional councils successfully prosecuted 21 dairy effluent offences in the year to July 1, resulting in fines of $847,600…”

Greens campaign on clean seas  (TDN, 27 July) – “National Secretary Joe Fleetwood said there had been 35 “near miss” incidents since the Rena grounding in 2011 and it was only a matter of time before another grounding occurs. … Compulsory shipping lanes were already in place in nations including the UK, Norway and Canada. Measures to ensure the oil industry had to pay for any spills and efforts to improve the capability of Maritime New Zealand were also overdue, he said.

River swimming goal undoable  (TDN, 25 July)  – more spins from TRC although “The Green Party has dismissed the new bottom lines as “weak” and argues the measures mean rivers will only have to be clean enough for wading or boating. ”

Why the next climate treaty is vital for my country to survive  (Guardian, 12 July)

A group representing half a billion Christians says it will no longer support fossil fuels  (Climate Progress, 11 July)

No-go areas for seeking oil/gas  (Gisborne Herald, 5 July)

Anadarko’s drill decision by October (Otago Daily Times, 5 July)

Dead whale washes up on beach  (stuff national, 4 July) – a blue whale on Tapuae Beach, Taranaki

Whales flee from military sonar leading to mass strandings, research shows  (Guardian, 3 July)

Oil exploration in Maui Dolphin Protection Zone  (Scoop Politics, 3 July) – Dr Slooten says that having observers on oil survey vessels are “virtually useless” and do very little to protect whales. “Overseas research has shown that observers on the seismic testing ships only see around ten percent of whales and dolphins in the area. … Seismic survey noise can be heard for at least 80 kilometres, but the observers can see whales and dolphins for only one or two kilometres, and then, only when they surface.”

Greens want landfarm inquiry widened  (Radio NZ, 3 July)

Waste water from energy extraction ‘triggers US quake surge’ (BBC, 3 July)

Is Taranaki the new Texas?


live mag cover 2013

Local magazine ‘Live’ has published part two of their story on drilling in Taranaki.

“With over 200 new wells planned throughout Taranaki over the next few years, the face of Taranaki is changing. What will the region look like in ten years time? Proponents of the oil and gas industry want to step things up even more, environmentalists are urging caution, while local residents near the exploration and drilling sites are dealing with the reality of life in the midst of an oil and gas boom.” Click on the photo to read the full article. Click here to read Part one.

MEDIA RELEASE: The tide is turning – Frack Free Communities springing up


The public is fast awakening to just how risky and damaging fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and the discharge of fracking associated wastes is to our land, water, human and animal health. They want fracking out! Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines (1-10 March, 2012)


Heatley to tout NZ at world energy forum  (March 10, NZ)

ODNR: Injection well caused Youngstown quakes  (March 9, USA)

Guns out for frack report  (March 9, NZ)

Fracking planned for Taranaki  (March 8, NZ)

Study suggests hydrofracking is killing farm animals, pets  (March 7, USA) – must read!

Fracking opposition uninformed, say council staff  (March 6, NZ)

National coal seam gas agreement an important step to water protection  (March 5, Australia)

Time to move on? It’s time for some facts  (March 5, NZ) – must read!

Coal exporter in for long haul  (March 5, NZ)

Hunt for oil, gas set to intensify  (March 3, NZ)

Personal attacks under fire  (March 2, NZ)

Fracking opponents urge moratorium (March 1, NZ)

News Headlines (1-15 Feb, 2012)


New study dirties coal seam gas image (Feb 11, Australia)

Govt seeking oil and gas explorers (Feb 10, NZ)

Rural Taranaki horrified by fracking risk (Feb 9, NZ) – must watch!

Farmers call for anti-CSG support (Seven News, Australia)

QLD 4000 gas wells and associated infrastructure – how many are underwater? (Feb 7, Australia)

Fracking the basis of oil and gas boom (Feb 4, NZ)

Fracking needs vetting (Feb 1, NZ)

News Headlines (16-31 Jan 2012)


Cropping land gets official protection (Jan 30, Australia)

Fast-tracked oil consent bypassed mayor, public (Jan 29, NZ)

Anti-fracking group protest (Jan 26, NZ)

Has petroleum production peaked, ending the era of easy oil? (Jan 25, USA)

Bulgaria bans shale oil and gas drilling (Jan 18, Bulgaria)

Taranaki’s $860 million energy boost (Jan 18, NZ)

News Headlines (25-30 November 2011)


2011 one of the hottest on record (Nov 30, NZ)

Protesters march mine crews out (Nov 29, NZ)

Pollution and protest to come next (Nov 29, NZ)

Gary Taylor – National-Green team can make progress (Nov 29, NZ)

The coal seam gas rush (Nov 28, Australia)

New drilling under Ngaere given go-ahead (Nov 25, NZ)

Report gives fracking all clear (Nov 25, NZ)