Exploitative verses sharing economy


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Photos: Explosion at a Colorado home on 1 May 2017 (photo 9News); Phosphate mining in Western Sahara (photo AFP); Sharing economy infographics

On 17th April, a home in Colorado was blasted to the ground, killing two people. The home was 178 feet (54 metres) from a recently restarted old gas well operated by Anadarko. The cause of the explosion: gas leak from a cut flow line off the gas well.

Such a loss is both terrible and preventable.  Many questions need to be answered: Read the rest of this entry »

Media Headlines (1-15 Nov 2012)


Methane leaking from coal seam gas field, testing shows (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Nov)

Fracking and Radium – the silvery white monster (Huffington Post, 15 Nov)

Undersea fault line risk swells (Stuff Science 14 Nov)

Energy Industry Hits Back at ‘Buying Friends’ claims (TDN, 14 Nov) – coverage of CJT media release “Climate Justice Taranaki contradicts Todd” 13 Nov 2012

Consultation on Areas for 2013 Petroleum Block Offer (Scoop, 8 Nov)

Fracking essential, says Todd report  (Business Day, 8 Nov) The full report can be downloaded from Todd Energy website (8Mb).

On the Pike River Coal Mine disaster report (Scoop, 6 Nov)

Report reveals laxity of NZ law (The Press, 6 Nov)

Let Miners’ Legacy be a Turning Point  (NZ Herald, 6 Nov)

Pike River: ‘Unrelenting picture of failure’ (NZ Herald, 5 Nov)

Pennsylvania Report Left Out Data on Poisons in Water Near Gas Sites  (NY Times, 2 Nov)

News Headlines (16-29 Feb 2012)


Council backs potential study on fracking  (Feb 29, NZ)

Icy divide: the good oil vs the bad oil  (Feb 29, NZ)

Nothing wrong with Ngaere water, tests show (Feb 29, NZ)

Company barters jobs for Ngati Ruanui support (Feb 28, NZ)

Energy minister rejects moratorium on fracking  (Feb 27, NZ)

BP goes to court  (Feb 27, USA)

Oil strike could be worth $600m (Feb 26, NZ)

Fears of pillage if ocean treasure chest unlocked (Feb 25, NZ)

Maori trust reaches deal with oil company (Feb 25, NZ)

Fracking issue to go before council (Feb 25, NZ)

Tracing Rena’s debris (Feb 25, NZ)

Protestors in for long haul (Feb 24, NZ)

Fracking ‘misinformation’ scares: Heatley (Feb 23, NZ)

Fracking not the cause of quakes (Feb 22, NZ)

Fracking dismissed as cause of quakes (Feb 21, NZ)

Meeting over shut-down mine (Feb 21, NZ)

Cheap solar option studied  (Feb 20, NZ)

Council wants moratorium on fracking (Feb 20, NZ)

Lawyers back oil drilling criticism (Feb 20, NZ)

Rewards and risks in quest for oil (Feb 18, NZ)

Heatley says oil search sensible (Feb 18, NZ)

Govt playing Russian roulette with coastal communities  (Feb 17, NZ)