Know your rights, landowners & occupiers

Jeanette Wilson is unhappy that  STOS didn't asked for her permission, as well as her partner's, to carry out  seismic ...

Robert Charles/Fairfax NZ

Taranaki resident Jeanette Wilson is deeply upset about the way Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS) has proceeded with their seismic surveys across much of south Taranaki, in search for more oil and gas. According to the Crown Minerals Act section 53(2) companies must obtained written consent from “each owner and occupier of the land” before they could prospect, explore or mine on the land. Yet STOS had never sought Jeanette’s consent, having gotten her husband to sign. Read the rest of this entry »

Media highlights: 4-22 April 2014


Is the U.S. shale boom going bust?  (Bloomberg, 22 April) – “…the average decline of the world’s conventional oil fields is about 5 percent per year. By comparison, the average decline of oil wells in North Dakota’s booming Bakken shale oil field is 44 percent per year. Individual wells can see production declines of 70 percent or more in the first year. Shale gas wells face similarly swift depletion rates, so drillers need to keep plumbing new wells to make up for the shortfall at those that have gone anemic. This creates what Hughes and other critics consider an unsustainable treadmill of ever-higher, billion-dollar capital expenditures chasing a shifting equilibrium. …”

Dairy industry inquiry wanted [by Fish and Game]  (Radio NZ, 19 April)

Sustainable farming granted $9.9 million funding  (NZ Farmers, 18 April)

Fracking-earthquake link may impact insurance policies  (Columbus Business First, 18 April) – “Fracking falls into the “man-made” part of typical earthquake insurance coverage, the same category that includes injection wells. More than one-third of companies polled by the Ohio Insurance Institute in 2012 said their earthquake coverage wouldn’t cover losses from fracking-related movement.”  NZ insurers won’t cover that either.

Fracking study gets [Colorado] House OK  (GJSentinel, 17 April)  – “The bill directs the department of public health and environment to conduct an analysis of human health and quality of life within the counties of Larimer, Weld, Boulder, and Adams with the intent of understanding any possible effects of oil and gas operations on communities within these counties.” NZ should follow suit with focus on Taranaki.

Brian Fallow: Curbing emissions is vital – Any delay could make adjustment to a low-carbon economy more costly  (NZ Herald, 17 April) – An interesting read from an economist’s point of view.

California hydraulic fracturing moratorium bill approved by state senate committee  (Hydraulic fracking blog, 16 April)

Gas finds key to methanol peak  (TDN, 16 April)

What to do if oil and gas companies come calling  (Wairarapa Times-Age, 16 April) – Federated Farmers’ reasonable advice

EPA drastically underestimates methane released at drilling sites (Los Angeles Times, 14 April) – This again debunks the notion that natural gas is a clean, transition energy – it is not, because of the huge amount of fugitive gas, none of which is being accounted for here in NZ.

Ohio geologists link small quakes to fracking  (AP, 11 April) – “Under Ohio’s new permit conditions, all new drilling sites within 3 miles of a known fault or seismic activity of 2.0 magnitude or higher will be conditioned on the installation of sensitive seismic-monitoring equipment. Results will be directly available to regulators, Simmers said, so the state isn’t reliant on drilling operators providing the data voluntarily. If seismic activity of 1.0 magnitude or greater is felt, drilling will be paused for evaluation. If a link is found, the operation will be halted.”  No such regulation in NZ.

Greens want ‘land farm’ meat tested for contamination  (TV NZ One News, 11 April) Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye says there is no evidence of any risk, and “Milk testing is a lot quicker, sheep and beef testing would require huge control samples, it would take a lot longer and I think we should only do that if we actually see something showing up in the milk …” In stark contrast, in 2010, Pennsylvanian Agriculture Secretary quarantined 20 cows for 6 months and 8 calves for 2 years after suspected ingestion of drilling waste, for fear of contaminated meat.

DEP issues Chevron nine citations in fatal gas well blast  (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10 April) – “In addition to the violation for not allowing access, the state cited Chevron for seven violations for failure to operate a well properly and failure to prevent venting of gas, and a violation for a discharge of well production fluids onto the ground.” Yet TRC routinely issues consent for the discharge of “treated produced water” onto land and into tributaries.

Minister didn’t know park was in drilling plan  (3 News, 8 April)

Report shows 61 dangerous petroleum incidents  (3 News, 7 April) – Must watch!

Maps leave pa beset on all sides  (Wanganui Chronicle, 4 April)  – quoted cjt media release on new block offers

Join Get Free and Defend your Right to say NO to offshore oil drilling


GET FREE is a call to action. A call against the reckless expansion of fossil fuel extraction in the lands and waters of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Submit your opposition to the proposed law change which will make exploratory drilling in the EEZ non-notified discretionary, via Greenpeace or directly to the Ministry for Environment.  Do it now, before 25 September 2013.

Media highlights (1-30 September, 2013)


Residents upset over new well site  (TDN, Sept 27)

Greens catch anti-drilling protest wave  (DomPost, Sept 27)

Shortage of landfarming space in region predicted  (TDN, Sept 9)

Community anger as Tikorangi well gets go-ahead  (TDN, Sept 9)

Whale deaths blamed on offshore oil exploration (The Guardian, Sept 5)

Taranaki waste disposal farms are filling up  (Radio NZ, Sept 6)  – Must listen!

Rural residents worried river being polluted by composting  (Radio NZ, Sept 5)  – This composting/wormfarm operation mix drilling mud with farm & green waste to produce soil conditioner and other garden products!

Confirmed: Fracking practices to blame for Ohio earthquakes (NBC News Science, Sept 4)

Public to lose right to legally oppose deep sea oil exploration (Radio NZ, Sept 4) – listen to interview with EDS, EEZ barrister and Greenpeace on recent law changes

Media Headlines (16-30 April 2013)


Environmentalists call foul over ‘draconian’ new law  (Otago Daily TImes, 18 April)

Europe’s climate chief vows to fight on to save emission trading scheme (Guardian, 17 April)

Media Headlines (1-15 April 2013)


Taranaki council says getting tougher on drilling waste  (Radio NZ, 15 April)

Deep seas law ‘a sledgehammer’  (NZ Herald, 9 April)

CSG company suspends NSW operation (ABC News, 2 April)

GAS LEAK!  ABC Four Corners program (2 April) – must watch!

Urgent submission – Crown Minerals (Permitting and Crown Land) Bill


The Government is rewriting existing laws to favour mineral exploitation and streamline access to what’s underground and under the seabed.  Show your objection by sending in your submissions before 5pm Friday 2 November 2012.

For a suggested template and other details, go to our Events/Submissions page.