MEDIA RELEASE: Rainbow Warrior en route to Taranaki oil and gas rigs


Climate Justice Taranaki has added a member of their team to the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior crew this week as they head around Taranaki to take a closer look at the oil and gas rigs offshore. Emily Bailey is joined by two Taranaki kuia: Agnes Wharehoka from Parihaka and Kura Niwa from Pukerangiora Hapū. Read the rest of this entry »

Dirty Secret Is Out – Groups Say Ban Fracking Now!



“ Taranaki’s dirty secret is out! “ says Catherine Cheung, Climate Justice Taranaki.

More than 80 people from across New Zealand gathered in Taranaki last weekend to experience the impacts of the oil and gas industry on local communities and the environment, and to discuss ways to a better future. The conference, titled “Taranaki’s Beauty and the Beast” was co-organised by the Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa, Sustainable Whanganui Trust and Climate Justice Taranaki. Read the rest of this entry »

Government sticks head in sand


Taranaki Daily News actually criticises the government on NZ’s poor international climate polluting ranking. Read their editorial 18 December 2014 here:

heads in the sand



This Friday 10th Jan 2014, 11am; Tag Oil office, 119 St. Aubyn St., New Plymouth; Details here.

Media cover: Noisy oil protest at Tag Oil offices  (TDN, 10 Jan 2014)

Protestors jeer oil boss (TV One News, 10 Jan 2014)

A few wins for the new year 2014


Judge rules Exxon must face criminal charges (Think Progress, 3 Jan 2014)

Te Rarawa decide to say no to drilling (Northland Age, 31 Dec 13)

Media highlights: 1-31 August 2013


Test drilling for gas off Otago in January (Radio NZ, 31 Aug)

Ship repairs close down Maari oilfield (TDN, 31 Aug)

Fracking consenting done, not notified (Otago Daily News, 31 Aug)

Nats plan to remove right to oppose drilling  (Stuff, 29 Aug)

The commotion in the ocean (stuff national, 22 Aug)

Government climate change plans scolded  (Radio NZ, 19 Aug)

Oil and gas industry is turning nasty in NZ  (Marae TV NZ, Aug)

Tag expands drilling campaign (Dominion Post, 16 Aug)

East Coast iwi threaten legal action and protest over oil well (NZ Radio, 15 Aug)

Drilling rig in Sounds bound for Taranaki Basin (Marborough Express, 14 Aug)

Sea level rise may be rapid, scientists say  (Brisbane Times, 13 Aug)

Texas fracking study’s authors discuss results of Barnett Shale research (Huffington Post, 9 Aug)

Science excluded from land farming debate (Rural News, 6 Aug)

Media release: BTW breach toxic waste consents


“We are pleased to hear that the South Taranaki District Council has issued two abatement notices to surveying company BTW for consent breaches at two of their landfarms” says Emily Bailey, member of Climate Justice Taranaki.

“The landfarms at Oeo and Kakaramea receive toxic drilling waste from oil and gas operations. The top soil is removed, the drilling sludge is spread on the field and covered again, then resown and cows are put back on for grazing. Landfarming is part and parcel of this dirty industry.”

The landfarm at Kakaramea started operating without having met all of the conditions of the consent. The conditions breached are: that STDC is to be notified prior to operations starting and that an Archeological Authority should be obtained before any earthworks has taken place.

At the Oeo landfarm, BTW went beyond the consented area and failed to notify STDC of issues of non-compliance raised by the Taranaki Regional Council monitoring. TRC also issued an infringement notice. Additionally, they do not have a dust suppression water cart on the landfarm which is a requirement of the STDC consent.

“It is only due to the diligent work of people on the ground that these issues are being picked up by the council. Ngati Haua, a hapu of Ngaruahinerangi, have for several months voiced their concerns and their opposition to the BTW landfarm located only a few hundred metres from their marae. The industry is expanding around the mountain and along the coast as the government is making more and more land available for drilling and landfarming. As this industry encroaches on productive farmlands and disrupts the lives of rural communities, opposition is also growing,” concluded Emily Bailey.

Media coverage:  Two breaches by drill waste firm (TDN, 15 May 2013)

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