Just Transition Community Conference – 15 March


We have a climate emergency that requires urgent action at all levels. The Just Transition Summit organised by the central government was top-down and profit-driven. To ensure our transition to a low emission society is fit for purpose and socially just, the community must drive it. Our Just Transition Community Conference offers a platform for communities to kick start or reinforce our transition pathways.

Go to the conference page here or watch the conference videos.


Join us this March in Taranaki


Frack Off show poster 5 to 26 march 2017 opening 5march 3pm

rally poster vlrMarch 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting month for us here in Taranaki!

From 5-26th March is the Frack Off Exhibition, featuring a diversity of local artists’ and writers at the JD Reid Gallery. You can have a glimpse here, and check out their ‘Now we’re talking program‘.

From 21-23rd March, CJT and other members of a growing coalition will be holding the People’s Climate Rally in New Plymouth.

On Tuesday 21 March, we start with a powhiri and Non-violent Direct Action training at 2 pm at Owae Marae in Waitara.

On Wednesday 22 March, we begin our rally at 8 am at the Clock Tower on Devon Street, with musicians and speakers on climate change, fossil fuel extraction and social justice. The Government will release the 2017 Block Offer for oil and gas exploration at the TSB Showplace, venue of the 2017 Petroleum Conference, on this day. Over half a million square kilometres of our land and sea have been proposed for release, including part of the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary designated for the critically endangered Maui’s Dolphin.

Thursday 23 March is a Day of Solutions, starting at 10.30am at the Senior Citizens Association on Liardet street. There will be talks and workshops with author Terrence Loomis, Al Yates of Ecotricity, Jeannette Fitzsimons, TeAnau Tuiono and other sustainability advocates; and demonstration of electric vehicles. There will also be a public forum on Just Transition off Fossil Fuels’, with experts on renewable energy, union organising, sustainable agriculture and education. All are welcome. Bring your friends, families, your electric bike, and spread the word!

If you can assist in any way, e.g. help with food, transport people around, manage crowds, photograph, film, blog or tweet about the event, or contribute financially, give us a yell. We need you all to make this event a success!

Details and registration on People’s Climate Rally website. Follow this facebook for updates.

Dirty Secret Is Out – Groups Say Ban Fracking Now!



“ Taranaki’s dirty secret is out! “ says Catherine Cheung, Climate Justice Taranaki.

More than 80 people from across New Zealand gathered in Taranaki last weekend to experience the impacts of the oil and gas industry on local communities and the environment, and to discuss ways to a better future. The conference, titled “Taranaki’s Beauty and the Beast” was co-organised by the Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa, Sustainable Whanganui Trust and Climate Justice Taranaki. Read the rest of this entry »

ECO group wants oil, gas left alone


McKee ECO GatheringFrom the Taranaki Daily News – 1st February 2015 – by Brad Roberts Read the rest of this entry »



This Friday 10th Jan 2014, 11am; Tag Oil office, 119 St. Aubyn St., New Plymouth; Details here.

Media cover: Noisy oil protest at Tag Oil offices  (TDN, 10 Jan 2014)

Protestors jeer oil boss (TV One News, 10 Jan 2014)

Media Coverage from public meeting in Okato


MEDIA RELEASE: Oil and Gas sparks public meeting


Taranaki residents hung a banner in a tree at WOMAD in New Plymouth on Saturday night reading ‘Todd – Shell: Stop mining Taranaki’. Todd Energy and Shell, two of the festival’s major sponsors, are currently mining for oil and gas across Taranaki which has raised concerns amongst Taranaki residents about its contribution to climate change and further pollution of the local environment.

A public meeting in Okato on Tuesday will draw attention to the massive expansion of oil and gas exploration across Taranaki and nationwide.

“With 30 new oil and gas exploration permits for Taranaki, Maritime NZ says we now live in the most likely place for a major oil spill in NZ, threatening wildlife, kaimoana and our beaches” says one of the meeting’s organisers.

“A new drilling technique called ‘fracking’ that is poisoning drinking water and causing cancers, asthma and animal health problems overseas, is quickly becoming widespread in Taranaki, not to mention the problems of peak oil and climate change… so how can we stop it?”

“Survey company BTW has started further seismic surveying in recent weeks along the coast between Okato and Rahotu. Some land-owners are stopping the survey by blocking access to their land. Is there a way we can stand together against this environmental destruction as a community?” queries a coastal resident.

“While the companies of this totally unsustainable industry are making billions of dollars, the local community will not really profit from the exploration given the costs we will bear from the pollution and damages.”

Come to a public meeting on Tuesday 22nd March at 7pm, Hempton Hall in Okato, to hear more about what’s going on and what communities around the world are doing to safeguard their environments and their livelihoods.