Invitation: What the Frack? June 2014


Mangahewa D 18-06-14-Flaring-smoke Rimutauteka rd cows FClark

Look at the huge gas flare with thick smoke coming out of Todd Energy’s Mangahewa-D wellsite, Rimutauteka near Inglewood, yesterday. Imagine the health effects on nearby residents and livestock. Photo by Fiona Clark, 18 June 2014.

Taranaki locals, if you are concerned about the oil and gas industry and want to find out more about its impacts and your rights, come to our Community Meetings this and next Sat 21st & 28th June 2014. Details here.

Media: Norfolk drilling pledge, TDN 23/06/2014.

Oil firm’s PR fluff, TDN 25/06/14;  Not the good oil, TDN, 26/06/14

Media release: Drilling near Norfolk school threatens community health and safety

Oversized trucks on Inland North Road near Tikorangi school (photo by Fiona Clark, June 2013)

Oversized trucks on Inland North Road near Tikorangi school (photo by Fiona Clark, June 2013)

Climate Justice Taranaki is extremely concerned about Tag Oil’s plan to drill for oil and gas less than 700 metres from Norfolk School. Despite the close proximity to the proposed wellsite, Norfolk School is currently not considered an ‘affected party’ by New Plymouth District Council.

“Peer-reviewed health studies in the USA have demonstrated increased cancer and other health risks among residents living within 800 metres of gas wells; and links between human birth defects and the density and proximity of gas wells, for up to 16 km radius. We are appalled by the company’s and council’s apparent lack of concern for community safety, particularly involving school children, parents and teachers.” said Catherine Cheung, Climate Justice Taranaki.

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Radio NZ top stories on landfarming


Following information provided by Climate Justice Taranaki (CJT) and others and the reporter’s own research, Radio NZ put together a series of reports on the disposal of drilling and fracking waste on landfarms in Taranaki (See links below). Shortly after the broadcast, TRC put out five statements on its website, criticizing the reports.

CJT has these points to raise: Read the rest of this entry »

Media highlights (21-31 Oct)


Raglan residents slam lack of consultation  (stuff national, 25 Oct)

Russia drops piracy charges against activists  (TV 3 news, 24 Oct)

Gordon Campbell on Meridian share float and Anadarko (scoop, 24 Oct)

PEPANZ says a reality ‘check’ needed on oil disaster model (NZ Radio, 23 Oct)

Concerns mount over Anadarko drilling  (TV 3 news, 23 Oct)

Iwi ignored in Taranaki drill plan  (Waatea News, 22 Oct)

Tribal fury at drilling plans (TDN, 22 Oct)

Iwi opposing oil/gas drilling next to Egmont National Park (Radio NZ 21 Oct) – Drilling 300 m from the park, well blow out can affect 900m, noise effects 1200m, flare pit 220m from park border…

Commissioner has concerns over fracking  (Farmers Weekly, 21 Oct) – Well put together

MEDIA RELEASE: New Evidence Calls for PCE to Ban Fracking


“There is inadequate scientific evidence and technical capacity to ensure safety at all stages of oil and gas production involving fracking. The associated risks—elevated seismic hazards, water contamination, soil degradation, air pollution, contamination of food chain and health impacts on nearby residents—are far too great to justify further expansion,” wrote Climate Justice Taranaki (CJT) in their latest submission to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Serious Concerns over Flaring and Council’s Consenting Procedures


On 25 May 2012, Sarah Roberts and David Morrison (affected land owner) and Michael Self (South Taranaki District Councilor) jointly wrote to Taranaki Regional Council (TRC). They expressed their serious concerns over:

1) the alleged illegal flaring at Cheal, Copper Moki and Radnor wellsites

2) pollution of Ngaere Stream

3) TRC issuance of discharge consents prior to approvals by district councils of landuse consents, thereby lacking references to the detailed nature and quantity of hazardous substances involved

4) TRC’s inadequate compliance monitoring (see Review of monitoring reports by Roberts)

Roberts, Morrison and Self are seeking answers from TRC.  Download their letter here. We at CTJ also demand answers to such serious concerns.