23rd November – 2030 Just Transition Community Strategy Hui


2030 Just Transition Community Strategy Hui
23 November 1-7pm, Hatherly Hall (next to Taranaki Cathedral), 37 Vivian St, New Plymouth.

The clock is ticking on this global climate crisis and we may have less than ten years to transition away from fossil fuels and towards a regenerative economy. However councils, government and big business are working as a small select group on a 2050 transition plan focusing on crown investment in businesses. We think that’s too late and we think workers, kaitiaki and more of the community need to have real input. Join us in starting a community just transition strategy by 2030!

More details soon!

Low-skilled fracking jobs, divestment, climate debt and neoliberalism


As the oil and gas fracking industry spreads across a nation, increasingly high school teens are being lured to drop out and take up low-skilled jobs, as demonstrated in a recent research in the US.  The authors of the study warned, “fracking raises the risk that some workers at the bottom of the skills and education ladder may end up being stuck there, because they made bad schooling choices in a rush to be part of the industry“. Read the rest of this entry »