Victories, Resistance and Determination


Victoria ban fracking Greenleft 31Aug16 collage for cjt blog 4sep2016

The last few weeks and months have seen a series of encouraging wins on the environmental front: Read the rest of this entry »

Media Release: Landfarming – Toxic waste disposal or recycling of rocks, mud and minerals?

BTW Oeo landfarm incidence 2014 TRC 1280327

Photos from TRC monitoring report on BTW Oeo landfarm, June 2014

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) Chief Executive Cameron Madgwick said, “landfarming is nothing more than taking the ground-up rocks, mud and minerals left over from drilling activities and recycling them by placing them underneath the topsoil.

Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story. As Climate Justice Taranaki Inc. (CJT) pointed out at the public hearings on the Proposed South Taranaki District Plan, the euphemistically termed ‘landfarming’ is actually the spreading of contaminated oil/gas wastes on farmland, and mostly on the coast in South Taranaki. Read the rest of this entry »

Media highlights (1-31 May 2014)


Taranaki oil wells declining  (stuff business, 31 May) – “Production by Canadian-based oil company New Zealand Energy Corp has fallen in the past year as the amount of oil from some Taranaki wells declines….”

Tag Oil tracking well in East Coast  (Hawkes Bay Today, 27 May)

Tag to drill for oil close to school  (TDN, 27 May)

Taranaki primary school worried about nearby oil exploration  (Radio NZ, 26 May) – Listen to this!

Gas project firing up  (TDN, 19 May) – “The deal, struck in 2012, meant Todd Energy could build the facility which would allow it to supply Methanex with gas, in turn allowing the Canadian methanol producer to restart the second manufacturing plant at its Motunui facility and its smaller Waitara Valley plant. The deal was good news for Port Taranaki and its owner the Taranaki Regional Council….”

Automated rig joins search for Maui gas  (TDN, 19 May) – “The first sidetrack well was an extended reach well – 5000m from the Maui A platform and 6000m in length – the longest ever drilled from the platform. Because of the length of the well, aluminium pipe had been used instead of traditional steel… ”

Metgasco’s Bentley gas drilling suspended, referred to ICAC  (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 May)

We’re Not Banking on Cleantech (Oil Free Wellington) – response to the Green Party’s ‘Green Investment Bank’

Control methane now, greenhouse gas expert warns  (Science Daily, 14 May)

Otago takes ethical stance on climate (Radio NZ, 14 May) – “The Dunedin City Council has decided to dump about $2 million worth of investments in the oil industry because of concerns over the potential effects on climate change.”  What an enlightened council!  Let’s write to our various councils and ask that they follow Otago’s step away from fossil fuel investments. New Plymouth District Council is currently running a community engagement programme “Shaping our future together” – a good channel to talk to the major about ethical investment and other issues.

Woman challenges council on oil and gas (TDN, 8 May)  – Oil Free Otago mentioned

Tag lines up Gisborne well (Stuff Business, 7 May)

Council adopts annual plan, rates rise set (TDN, 6 May) – CJT mentioned

Mayor wants economic benefits if mining starts (TDN, 1 May) – “Environmental activist Urs Signer said it saddened him the region was again being used for a quick buck with no benefits. He wanted economic development based on justice not destruction, he said.”

Media highlights (1-17 Feb 2014)


Oil application report kept secret  (Radio NZ, 14 Feb) – Listen to Sarah Roberts

Tuna hearts ‘affected by oil spills  (BBC, 14 Feb) – Read abstract of the paper in Science by Brette et al. (2014)

Experts hope to solve orca mystery  (Southland Times, 14 Feb)

Did quakes cause orca stranding?  (stuff, 13 Feb)

TRC cracking down hard on landfarm  (TDN, 12 Feb) – Read monitoring report on the Remediation NZ landfarm (2012-2013)

Otago community sets sail in protest of deepsea drilling (Oilfree Otago press release, 7 Feb 2014)

Oil free Otago flotilla sails this weekend (Dunedin TV, 7 Feb 2014)

Sand Mining Opposition Grows (TDN, 7 Feb 2014)

Seismic survey affects on sea life uncertain  (Marlborough Express, 5 Feb)

Environmentalists delighted as oil drilling proves fruitless  (TDN, 5 Feb 2014)

Anadarko: Oil find ‘not commercially viable‘  (3 News, 4 Feb)

Fracking, fuels and friction  (Insight on Radio NZ, 2 Feb) – must listen

Kurt Komene talking about the drilling near Mount Taranaki (Waatea News, 30 Jan)

Choosing to be indisposed to the truth (Rachel Stewart, TDN, 2 Sep 2013)

Media Highlights (1-20 Oct 2013)


Does Kaikoura want oil drilling?  (TV 3 news, 17 Oct)

Govt warned of oil spill impact  (stuff politics, 16 Oct)

Study reveals dangerous levels of radioactivity near fracking waste site  (The Real News, USA, 15 Oct)

Group criticises fracking consultation timeframe (NZ Radio, 14 Oct)

Simon Bridges defends Kaihoura drilling exploration  (TV 3 news, 14 Oct) – dismal but worth watching

To frack or not to frack  (Brisbane Times, 14 Oct)  – well articulated issues on fracking and coal seam gas

Packed house airs oil issues  (NZ Herald, 12 Oct)

Kaikoura’s trepidation with oil giant’s arrival (TV 3 news, 8 Oct) – must watch

Media highlights: 1-31 August 2013


Test drilling for gas off Otago in January (Radio NZ, 31 Aug)

Ship repairs close down Maari oilfield (TDN, 31 Aug)

Fracking consenting done, not notified (Otago Daily News, 31 Aug)

Nats plan to remove right to oppose drilling  (Stuff, 29 Aug)

The commotion in the ocean (stuff national, 22 Aug)

Government climate change plans scolded  (Radio NZ, 19 Aug)

Oil and gas industry is turning nasty in NZ  (Marae TV NZ, Aug)

Tag expands drilling campaign (Dominion Post, 16 Aug)

East Coast iwi threaten legal action and protest over oil well (NZ Radio, 15 Aug)

Drilling rig in Sounds bound for Taranaki Basin (Marborough Express, 14 Aug)

Sea level rise may be rapid, scientists say  (Brisbane Times, 13 Aug)

Texas fracking study’s authors discuss results of Barnett Shale research (Huffington Post, 9 Aug)

Science excluded from land farming debate (Rural News, 6 Aug)

Media highlights (16-31 July 2013)


Chief scientist calls for better gas drilling data  (Brisbane Times, 31 July)

New Zealand pushing plans to drill Middle-earth as Hobbit filming ends (Guardian, 29 July)

Gangplank to a warm future (NY Times, 28 July)

Internal EPA report highlights disputes over fracking and well water  (Los Angeles Times, 27 July)

Woman denied chance to speak [at TRC consents & regulatory meeting] (TDN, 24 July)

Council ready to process TAG application for Te Karaka well (Gisborne Herald, 22 July)

Distant quakes rattle fracking sites (16 July) – Read the Science article also