Victories, Resistance and Determination


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The last few weeks and months have seen a series of encouraging wins on the environmental front: Read the rest of this entry »

Media highlights: 1-10 March 2014


MPI leaves landfarms risks to farmers  (Radio NZ, 6 March) – Note comment from CJT with audio here (from 2:00′)

Australian doctors have raised a health red flag over coal seam gas developments  (Business Insider, 3 March)

Media Highlights (1-20 Oct 2013)


Does Kaikoura want oil drilling?  (TV 3 news, 17 Oct)

Govt warned of oil spill impact  (stuff politics, 16 Oct)

Study reveals dangerous levels of radioactivity near fracking waste site  (The Real News, USA, 15 Oct)

Group criticises fracking consultation timeframe (NZ Radio, 14 Oct)

Simon Bridges defends Kaihoura drilling exploration  (TV 3 news, 14 Oct) – dismal but worth watching

To frack or not to frack  (Brisbane Times, 14 Oct)  – well articulated issues on fracking and coal seam gas

Packed house airs oil issues  (NZ Herald, 12 Oct)

Kaikoura’s trepidation with oil giant’s arrival (TV 3 news, 8 Oct) – must watch

Taranaki Daily News opinion poll 4/5/2013


Taranaki Daily News opinion poll 4/5/2013

The message is surprisingly clear as tides are turning in Texanaki… In an ironic statement from our regional council, Director of environmental quality Gary Bedford said the council was concerned its submissions [on proposed government regulations around deepsea drilling in the Exclusive Economic Zone] hadn’t been incorporated. “In our experience self-regulation can fall over. It increases the possibility that if something goes wrong, it goes wrong bigger.” What hypocrisy from a government department that has been operating like this for decades. Read more here.

Read also ‘Black gold, dark clouds’ 4/05/2013 written by Matt Rilkoff for the Taranaki Daily News…”Ben Sarten stepped inside the Tikorangi house he was raised in, closed the door and wondered where he was. ‘This doesn’t feel like home anymore.'”

And ‘One more well is too much’ 24/04/2013


Media Headlines (1-15 April 2013)


Taranaki council says getting tougher on drilling waste  (Radio NZ, 15 April)

Deep seas law ‘a sledgehammer’  (NZ Herald, 9 April)

CSG company suspends NSW operation (ABC News, 2 April)

GAS LEAK!  ABC Four Corners program (2 April) – must watch!

Media highlights (1-15 March 2013)


Opponents slam hush around oil / gas probe (Manawatu Standard, 12 March)

Report backs drilling  (TDN, 11 March)

Continued drought support unsustainable  (Stuff Business, 11 March)

Oil and gas could transform the East Coast – report  (NZ Herald, 7 March)

Study shows coal seam gas fields leaking at greater rates (ABC News, 7 March)

Anger over oil bubbles to surface (TDN, 7 March)

Huge job boost when plant reopens (TDN, 7 March)

NZ unprepared for deep water oil spill – Greens (Stuff politics, 4 March)

Media highlights (1-31 Jan 2013)


Bangladesh’s climate refugees (Guardian, 29 Jan)

US scientists in fresh alert over effects of global warming (Guardian, 12 Jan)

Taranaki hit by mag-4.6 quake  (Taranaki Daily News, 11 Jan)

Predictions proved to be just hot air  (Taranaki Daily News, 7 Jan)

Testing times ahead for residents of Tara after boy found with hippuric acid in system (, 6 Jan)

Report notes four fracking instances in South (Otago Daily Times, 5 Jan)

Methane leaks erode green credentials of natural gas (Nature, 2 Jan)