MEDIA RELEASE: OMV Offshore Drilling a Threat to the Climate

“Recent reports of Austrian oil drilling giant OMV’s plans to keep drilling for fossil fuels off the Taranaki coast is a threat to a stable climate for future generations” says Urs Signer, spokesperson for community group Climate Justice Taranaki.

“In April, OMV announced a ‘positive result’ when drilling the Toutouwai-1 exploration well around 50kms off the coast. [1] Apparently, the company wants to go back and keep drilling in coming months. [2] However, while a ‘positive result’ could lead to full bank accounts for their CEO and shareholders, the last thing we should be doing in 2020 is drilling for more fossil fuels. The company should wind down their operations and begin decommissioning plans for the Maui, Maari and Pohokura sites, rather than drilling more wells or selling them off. We are in a climate emergency and need to act accordingly.”

“Humanity is facing the biggest public health crisis in 100 years. We are also dealing with an unprecedented climate crisis. Already now, we are witnessing rates of species extinction like never before, people are losing their homes due to natural disasters and crop failures are leading to famines. Our climate is changing and companies like OMV are responsible. OMV is one of just 100 companies responsible for over 70% of the world’s climate pollution since 1988. [3] They should be ashamed.”

“We need to collectively rise up to this challenge, stand up to the polluters, bring our emissions down, stop the drilling and move away from an economic system that serves the interest of a few while destroying our planet and the livelihoods of many. Our group will continue to mobilise action on land and sea against OMV” concludes Urs Signer.