Free Buses in Taranaki – Celebrate Car Free Day

Celebrate Car Free Day in Taranaki by walking, biking or catching a free bus.

All Citylink services in new Plymouth (excluding school services) and the Connector from Te Hāwera to New Plymouth will be free on Friday 20 September. The once and twice-a-week Southlink services in South Taranaki will also be free during that week.
Take action for the climate and leave the car at home.

You can find timetables and information about the routes here: – Public transport in Taranaki is organised by the Taranaki Regional Council.

We all know that we need to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Obviously industrial agriculture is a biggie. But reducing carbon emissions from transport is vital too. Switching to public transport is a community solution.
Unfortunately, the bus services in Taranaki are still inadequate. While passengers numbers rose from 350,000 in 2008/2009 to over 600,000 in 2016/2017, we still need more frequent buses, buses in the evenings and weekends and better services for rural communities.

Together we need to demand better public transport options for Taranaki. How about following the Belgian city of Dunkirk (a city not much bigger than New Plymouth) which introduced FREE public transport with a bus every 10 minutes a year ago – and it’s a terrific success story. In Taranaki, it would only cost $1.2 million to make the current buses free. So the cost of the Yarrow Stadium upgrade could make the buses free for 40 years. Or the unnecessary Mt Messenger ‘bypass’ equals 160 years of free buses!

Let’s take climate action in Taranaki and celebrate car free day.