Press release: Mt Messenger Bypass shameful disaster


Climate Justice Taranaki are extremely disappointed at Commissioner Daysh’s decision to approve the Mt Messenger Bypass.


“To smash yet another pointless road through a wild valley with threatened endemic species is insane. We are in the middle of a climate emergency and a mass species extinction yet the crown’s NZTA dinosaur organisation still cannot see the writing on the wall. Wrecking forest, wetland and awa to save a dying trucking industry a few dollars and four minutes travel time is reckless, especially when funded by public money.

No mitigation will ever cover what has been destined for destruction and this country should be ashamed of yet another ‘clean, green’ fallacy.” said spokesperson Emily Bailey.

The group are considering appealing the decision in a hope to stop any future roads like this ever being approved in the country. Direct action is also being discussed.

We call on Ministers Phil Twyford and Julie Anne Genter to do what they can to prevent future disasters like this from being made. Repairing Aotearoa’s main trunk line for freight and passengers, expanding public transport, developing electric vehicle infrastructure and extending cycle lanes and walkways are the ways to go, not this backwards diesel disaster.” said Bailey.