MEDIA RELEASE: Taranaki climate defenders challenge oil companies at sea

The Rainbow Warrior continues its journey off the Taranaki coast today carrying crew from 11 nations and Taranaki kuia Kura Niwa from Pukerangiora Hapū and Agnes Wharehoka from Parihaka alongside Emily Bailey from Climate Justice Taranaki. The Greenpeace flagship made a surprise trip to Taranaki to show the world that despite a promise to ban new offshore exploration permits, much drilling is still to happen with over 30 new wells on the cards, and with toxic wastes going overboard.

After visiting the Kupe rig yesterday, the ship arrived at the Maui A and B platforms this morning to deliver a message to the major drilling company OMV from Austria. “Kua nui, haere atu. Leave our waters and our lands and never come back” said Emily Bailey.

The crew on the Greenpeace flagship came up close to Kupe and the Maui oil and gas rigs now mostly owned by OMV. They raised banners and phoned the rig and their OMV headquarters in Austria to inform the company that the whole world is watching their crimes against humanity.

“We have come here today on behalf of our tamariki and mokopuna and the hundreds of thousands of have spoken to leave fossil fuels in the ground” said Kura Niwa.

“The oil and gas from Maui and Kupe are piped onshore, the oil is exported while the gas is made into synthetic fertiliser or used to dehydrate milk for export. The fossil fuel and fertiliser industries are the key drivers of industrial animal farming. Together, these industries emit the majority of New Zealand’s greenhouse gases as well as polluting our freshwater, damaging our soil and hurting once thriving rural communities. If the next generations are to have a liveable planet then we must finally take responsibility and leave fossil fuels in the ground” concluded Emily Bailey,

The Rainbow Warrior will be heading to the Maari oil field next.

Media coverage:

Rainbow Warrior in Taranaki to send a message to oil giant, Taranaki Daily News 2 Oct 18

Maori kämpfen in Neuseeland gegen OMV-Ölbohrungen, 1 Oct 18


One Response to MEDIA RELEASE: Taranaki climate defenders challenge oil companies at sea

  1. Alistair says:

    Could Fracking be part of tge next GFC?
    Interesting interview here by Geraldine Doogue on her geopolitical Saturday Extra programme across tge Ditch. She is interviewing the author of a book on US/Saudi oil shenanigans but this inyerview is mainly how US uncinventional hydrocarbons from fracking woukdnt have been possible without the liw interest loans behind the current debt bubble. Highly unstable industry basis, even if unconventional oil at hime and aggressive mulitarism to dominate oil reserves in the Middle East is the answer to America’s depleting oil reserves at home.
    Kia ora for your calling out the corporates, OMV declares its faithfulness to the UN Compact and in its publicity even mentions that includes the Precautionary Principle but its our weak laws that enable them. The EEZ & Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) 2012 Act uses the ambiguous weasel phrase “favouring caution” instead, and specifically excludes consideration of climate change. This law is “favouring offshore fossil fuel extractivism”, thats what its favouring. and reforming or removing it is the real challenge now for civic clinate action.
    Nga mihi mahana from sunny Õtaki.
    Kia kaha, Kia ora, Kia manawanui.

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