Know your rights, landowners & occupiers

Jeanette Wilson is unhappy that  STOS didn't asked for her permission, as well as her partner's, to carry out  seismic ...

Robert Charles/Fairfax NZ

Taranaki resident Jeanette Wilson is deeply upset about the way Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS) has proceeded with their seismic surveys across much of south Taranaki, in search for more oil and gas. According to the Crown Minerals Act section 53(2) companies must obtained written consent from “each owner and occupier of the land” before they could prospect, explore or mine on the land. Yet STOS had never sought Jeanette’s consent, having gotten her husband to sign.

Several people have now come forward privately to tell me of their own horrific experiences with STOS and how they cannot speak out because they have signed a document with a privacy clause. Bores have been blown up, water contaminated, one farmer now has to spend $1200 a month treating his water and putting chlorine in it ( not good for cows) after trusting what the SEISMIC SURVEY people said. Common has been reporting of harassment and bullying tactics“, said Wilson on facebook.

We advise all residents to familiarize themselves with the Crown Minerals Act and Taranaki Regional Freshwater and Land Plan, both containing important information on the rights of landowners and occupiers, and what the rules companies must follow when planning and conducting seismic surveys on land. Download this flyer for the key points. Attend the neighbourhood meetings “Know Your Rights”, organised by Taranaki Energy Watch:  Tuesday 1 March 2-3pm  and Wednesday 2 March 5-6pm at Okaiawa Hall.

As this blog went live, breaking news from Lancashire, UK, streamed in, showing farmers voicing their strong objection against Cuadrilla’s plan to frack in their area.Dairy farmer Robert Sanderson was concerned about pollution problems which could result in infertility in cattle, land and health effects on humans, and compromise his ability to comply with strict food regulations. Another farmer Valerie Sutcliffe said: “People should not be used as guinea pigs.The potential danger of fracking in England is huge.”

Meanwhile, locally at the Hawara District Court, two women had their charges of “receiving” STOS seismic pegs in December 2015 amended to “theft”, following a protest action by their supporters outside the court.

Seismic survey is the first on-ground step companies take to assess whether there’s potential viable oil/gas on your land. It could be the start of a whole series of problems and stress from drilling, flaring, fracking, extraction, heavy vehicle traffic with hazardous substances, noise, contaminant discharge into your land, water and air, fall in property value and division of communities. Don’t let them in!  Say NO to seismic testing in South Taranaki!


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