Signing away our future?


The TPPA would limit governments’ ability to innovate and address deeply entrenched inequalities in health, education and income, and exacerbate rapidly escalating problems such as environmental degradation and climate change...” Coates, et al. 2016

So why is New Zealand signing onto it?

To show the government once more that Kiwi’s all over Aotearoa are against this treacherous deal, a series of events have been planned across the country in the lead up to the signing of the deal in Auckland on Feb 4th. If you’re Taranaki, join us at 1pm Sat 30th Jan, at the Puke Ariki Landing, New Plymouth.

Media coverage:

It’s not too late to oppose TPPA, protesters say (TDN, 31 Jan)

The world is watching this hikoi today – iwi gather at Auckland Park to protest TPP (TVNZ, 4 Feb)


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