Signing away our future?



The TPPA would limit governments’ ability to innovate and address deeply entrenched inequalities in health, education and income, and exacerbate rapidly escalating problems such as environmental degradation and climate change...” Coates, et al. 2016 Read the rest of this entry »

‘Council approved land grab’ by oil & gas?

Darryl Smith at Kapuni farm RNZ21Jan2016 eight_col_DSC05063

Farmer Darryl Smith. Photo: RNZ/Robin Martin

It is concerning to hear Taranaki farmers  Philip and Ainsley Luscombe describe South Taranaki District Council’s proposed buffer zones between dwellings and oil & gas installations as a “council approved land grab. Read the rest of this entry »

Media highlights, Jan 2016


How low oil prices can fuel an unexpected revolution of renewables (SCMP, 21 Jan) – “with oil at below US$30 a barrel, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to shift investment to the clean energy that is needed. “Big oil” companies are haemorrhaging at the wells, laying off large numbers of staff, and countries are now less inclined to keep those unnatural levels of subsidies intact… This creates the opening for a big shift to renewables. … ”  Locally, Mighty River beefs up its business lines with solar could be the beginning! (NBR, 19 Jan) Read the rest of this entry »