People’s Call for Climate Justice

Climate Picnic March 28Nov2015 VAvery combined

People’s Climate Picnic and March in New Plymouth, 28 Nov 2015

As the UN climate talk is about to begin in Paris, people from scientists to doctors, religious leaders and environmental activists around the world are mobilizing, uniting to make a stand for a safe and just climate future, challenging governments to take real actions and working together to build resilient, sustainable communities.

Indeed, the urgency to keep temperatures down is not just about the planet and the environment. It is about people, and our capacity as humanity to secure safe and dignified lives for all. The People’s Test on Climate 2015 states: “Nothing less than a systemic transformation of our societies, our economies, and our world will suffice to solve the climate crisis and close the ever-increasing inequality gap.”

Together with nations and communities most vulnerable to climate impacts, yet who have contributed little to the crisis, we demand the following from governments:

Effective and Equitable Emission Cuts
Emission cuts must aim to stop global warming below 1.5 degrees and reduce greenhouse gas levels below 350 ppm. The 3 degrees currently pledged by governments is unacceptable.

Sustainable Energy Transformation
Stop fossil fuel mining. Redirect finance from dirty energy to clean, affordable renewables. Support community initiatives and public transport. Reduce energy consumption, waste and intensive farming.

Support for Transformation
Provide most impacted nations with adequate financial and technological support, not loans and grants with strings attached.

Respect the Right to Land, Food and Water
Respect indigenous rights. Foster sustainable food production and forest protection and regeneration. No false solutions like land grabs for biofuels, geoengineering or carbon trading.

Justice for Impacted People
Support for adaptation and reparations for poor nations and communities most impacted by climate change. Secure the livelihoods of workers during transition into sustainable energy and a socially inclusive economy. Welcome climate and crisis refugees.

This month, on 28-29th November, there will be Global Climate Marches in many locations across the world. If you are in New Zealand, join our People’s Climate March at a dozen of locations, and other related events notably the Change Everything weekend 12-13 December in Wellington.

Media coverage: New Zealanders rally to Global People’s March call for Action (Stuff, 28 Nov 2015)

Video on our People’s Flash Flood Mob in Centre City, New Plymouth on the same day.

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