Call for Submissions: EPA Amendment Bill

Under EPA is expected “to undertake its functions in a way that contributes to the efficient, effective, and transparent management of New Zealand’s environment and natural and physical resources“. But surely the Environmental Protection Authority must have a mandate to protect the environment!
Please submit to the Select Committee in SUPPORT of the EPA (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill which gives EPA the objective to protect, maintain and enhance NZ’s environment. It’s easy and can be as simple as a single line. State whether you wish to speak to your submission.  Submission can be done online (scroll to bottom of that page, click the icon under ‘verification’ & it’ll take you to the submission form). Submission closes this Thur 10 Sept. Read CJT’s submission.

5 Responses to Call for Submissions: EPA Amendment Bill

  1. Niko Maihi Tangaroa Whanau Hapu - Ngahu O Tangaroa Ltd says:

    Niko Maihi Tangaroa Whanau Hapu – Ngahu O Tangaora Ltd SUPPORTS the Environmental Protection Authority (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill “to add an additional objective that the organisation must aim to protect, maintain, and enhance New Zealand’s environment”.

  2. Mere keating says:

    I support the bill to give epa the objective to protect the environment

  3. James Solomon says:

    I support the Bill amendment.

  4. Eruera Te Whakamaumahara Walker says:

    This Land Dose Not Belong To Us, It Belongs To Our Children’s Children’s Children

  5. Tanya Brown - E.M. Brown Whanau Trust. says:

    We support the EPA on their objective to protect & maintain New Zealand’s natural and physical resources.

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