MEDIA RELEASE: Greymouth Petroleum struggling to drill in Tikorangi


Kowhai B 14Mar2015 F Clark !cid_74ce4ae5-ca29-11e4-9be2-00215ad801a4_1_0

A Greymouth Petroleum representative, Ms Dickie, admitted in court today that the oil company was confined to only one of several options for a proposed well site due to the community of Tikorangi not wanting them. An entire street of residents had been avoided in one option. “The community of Tikorangi is quite… anti-petrochem” she stated when explaining why other options had not been pursued for the site they are pressing for now. Read the rest of this entry »

Block the Offer


2016 block offer collage

Greenpeace is running a Block the Offer – Stop Deep Sea Oil campaign, as the NZ government begins its so-called consultation on its 2016 Block Offer for petroleum exploration.  The block offers will open yet another half a million 537,000km² to oil and gas exploration and drilling, mostly offshore, except for nearly 2,000 km² of onshore acreage in Taranaki. For us in Taranaki, it is hard to imagine how more of our precious land and communities can be sacrificed for this grossly exploitative and polluting industry. Meanwhile, Greymouth Petroleum is fighting in court to drill yet another set of wells in the Waitara Valley where a Te Atiawa ancestor was buried. Read the rest of this entry »

MEDIA RELEASE: Taranaki voices excluded from parliament


“Our group Climate Justice Taranaki confirmed today that Taranaki voices have been excluded from parliament for months with the region’s submissions being lost in cyberspace” says Climate Justice Taranaki spokesperson Urs Signer.

“When making submissions last week on the EPA (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill, we noticed that our group’s submission on this bill, as well as those from individuals in Taranaki, were not received when using parliament’s designated submission form. We then realised that the select committee also did not receive our submissions made in April, on the EEZ Amendment Bill which allows STOS and other oil companies to continue their operations before decisions of their marine consent applications and/or any subsequent objections or appeals are made.” Read the rest of this entry »

Who are the real winners in these conflicts?


Islamic State fighters at Syria Iraq border 11Jun2015 Guardian

This month, we have seen yet another humanitarian crisis unfold as the situation in Syria and neighbouring countries worsened. It was heartening to see thousands of New Zealanders pledging to open their homes to refugees and mounting public pressure which forced the government to open its border to an additional 600 Syrian refugees.

The media has been filled with stories of tragedies endured by refugees, the costs of accepting them into New Zealand and squabbles among European countries while refugees queued at their borders. Yet few journalists have enough conscience, courage or insight to expose the real difficult truth, the root causes and beneficiaries of the crisis.

An exception is Australian journalist John Pilcher who wrote in his highly analytical blog Why the rise of fascism is again the issue: Read the rest of this entry »

Call for Submissions: EPA Amendment Bill

Under EPA is expected “to undertake its functions in a way that contributes to the efficient, effective, and transparent management of New Zealand’s environment and natural and physical resources“. But surely the Environmental Protection Authority must have a mandate to protect the environment!
Please submit to the Select Committee in SUPPORT of the EPA (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill which gives EPA the objective to protect, maintain and enhance NZ’s environment. It’s easy and can be as simple as a single line. State whether you wish to speak to your submission.  Submission can be done online (scroll to bottom of that page, click the icon under ‘verification’ & it’ll take you to the submission form). Submission closes this Thur 10 Sept. Read CJT’s submission.

If you’re fighting inequality and building a just economy, you are already a climate warrior


naomi klein quote

With so many of us fighting on all fronts: TPPA, Monsanto, Living Wage, clean rivers, better health care, seed saving, frack-free communities, no-drilling, no-mining… we already are an undeniable force that will bring forth “new laws, new systems, new deals” for social justice.  “We just need to find each other“, says Naomi Klein in an excerpt of her upcoming documentary This Changes Everything.