Stat Oil Secret Meetings with Iwi Exposed

Stop Statoil

Norwegian oil company has been meeting secretly with hapu leaders, as part of their divide-and-conquer strategy, despite Norwegian government’s strict rules on indigenous engagement. Greenpeace campaigner Mike Smith explained,  “You don’t go consulting with iwi by going around picking off individuals, meeting with them on the quiet, that’s not how we do it! … They are desperate to get social license signed off from the people up north…”   

MBIE from the central government is pushing itself into tomorrow’s meeting planned for 22 hapu and the Northland regional council.

Smith emphasized, “it is important as many people as possible go and if you are opposed to it you have got to let them know that, you have got to let Statoil know you don’t wish to have that sort of activity in the rohe, in the area where you are. … We’re in the beginning stages of a climate emergency and all roads lead back to the fossil fuel industry The risk of an oil spill, no matter how big or small, is too great.” Instead of drilling for deepsea oil, we should be moving onto renewable, sustainable energy systems.

Solidarity to the StopStatOil Northland protestors tomorrow!

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