Media Statement: Otahuhu Power Station closes with the rise of sustainable systems

“Contact Energy’s announcement to close down its gas-fired Otahuhu power station, at the wake of Genesis’ plan to shut down Huntly’s coal-burning generators and the Solid Energy debacle, are clear signs that the era of fossil fuel dependence is coming to an end. The time is now ripe for the numerous consented or proposed renewable energy projects across the country to take off.

The fossil fuel industry is hurting the climate, its neighbours, its workers and the economy, just as dirty dairying is hurting the environment and farmers’ livelihoods.

We are ready to move onto sustainable energy and agricultural systems that are holistic, renewable, decentralised and democratic. It is time to ditch the extractive madness and build resilient communities that thrive on sharing, restoring and regenerating,” said Catherine Cheung, Climate Justice Taranaki.

Media: Hot competition hits Contact’s profit (Radio NZ, 17 Aug 2015)

Contact Energy profit slips 43pc to $133 million, will shut Otahuhu (Stuff Business, 17 Aug 2015) – “Our decision to close our Otahuhu B station reflects the growth in renewable electricity generation, such as the new Te Mihi geothermal power station, which has effectively replaced Otahuhu in Contact’s portfolio” Barnes said. … “New Zealand has a surplus of generating capacity at the moment and this means that generators have less control of the price. To make money, they need to keep the system on the edge of a shortage. Shutting down Otahuhu is consistent with this objective,” Leyland said.

Contact Energy closes Otahuhu Power Station (3news, 17 Aug 2015) But “Contact intends to continue extension works to a gas storage facility in Ahuroa to help with what they describe as an “ongoing transition to reduced thermal operations” in New Zealand. An extra 24,000 operating hours will be provided at its Taranaki combined cycle plant.”

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