PRESS STATEMENT: Len Lye Arts Centre and the Fossil Fuel Industry

Todd-Energy-Mangahewa-E-well-site-29-Dec2014 FClark and Len Lye Centre

Spokesperson for Climate Justice Taranaki Incorporated, Janice Liddle says they object strongly to the funding by Todd Energy to the Len Lye Arts Centre.

“Todd Energy NZ as part of the Todd Oil Corporation, together with its joint venture partners has built an extensive fortune through the exploitation of gas and oil reserves both on and off-shore within the Taranaki region.

The sponsorship with naming rights represents yet another case of the fossil fuel industry using their dirty money to buy social license/acceptance within our communities. It’s a pity that the sponsorship has come from such a destructive, unsustainable industry,” says Liddle.

The industry, driven by profit, shows little regard to their impact on local residents and the environment and no regard on climate change. The process of seismic survey, drilling, fracking, flaring of toxic gases and discharge of contaminated waste, pollute our land, air, waterways and oceans. The dumping of unwanted drilling waste on agricultural land through landfarming threatens food safety and market opportunities.

“With the construction of such an eye-catching building it also seems no regard has been given to the use of renewable energy such as solar power. As the Todd Corporation is now a supplier of gas and electricity through their Nova Energy company, one must query how far their involvement extends,” Liddle concludes.


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