Hands Across the Sand

Hands Across Sand 17May2015Dunedin

Photo from Oil Free Otago.

While we at Climate Justice Taranaki were recovering from our various presentations at the EPA Hearing on Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS)’ Maui gas field marine consent application, groups from north to south of New Zealand stood together on beaches, with hands held together, in protest of deep sea oil drilling. Indeed, all oil and gas drilling must cease, whether onshore or offshore, in deep or shallow waters, for the sake of safeguarding our life-supporting climate, not to mention the more immediate threats to people (think of people living next door to oil/gas wells) and marine life (think of the many endangered marine mammals we have). The Hands Across the Sand action received great media coverage, below are a few:




Read CJT newsletter, 11 May 2015 re the EPA STOS Maui hearing.


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