NZ govt offers open access to petroleum exploration – 7 new block offers 2015

NZPAM 2015 Block Offers 30March2015LR

At this week’s Petroleum Summit in Auckland, Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges announced seven new block offers, encompassing 430,000 – nearly half of New Zealand – for petroleum exploration. “Energy companies can – and must – look past the immediate and take a long term view if they are to fulfill world energy aspirations into the future. In short, surety in petroleum production tomorrow requires continued exploration today. I am also confident that the opportunities New Zealand has to offer remain a compelling proposition for both existing and new participants….” said Bridges.

Has he not heard of the fossil fuels that we cannot burn because if we do, there will be dire climate consequences that we cannot deal with?  There is no “long term” sustainability of “aspirations” to speak of. The fossil fuel industry is a “sunset industry”. Watch 3 News Unearthing NZ’s mineral wealth for some reality checks on jobs and wealth. Listen to the thousands of protesters who marched in Auckland with drums, as warning to the harm on marine mammals caused by seismic blasting during oil exploration at sea. “People are increasingly impacted around the world by extreme weather events, super storms, wildfires and, of course, the direct impact of the oil industry when things go wrong,” said Steve Abel of Greenpeace.


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