NZ govt offers open access to petroleum exploration – 7 new block offers 2015


NZPAM 2015 Block Offers 30March2015LR

At this week’s Petroleum Summit in Auckland, Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges announced seven new block offers, encompassing 430,000 – nearly half of New Zealand – for petroleum exploration. Read the rest of this entry »

US tightens fracking regulations


US Maryland has now declared a moratorium on fracking, classifying it an ‘Ultrahazardous Activity‘ and imposing strict financial liabilities on companies. Across the US, companies wanting to frack on federal lands must now disclose contents of fracking chemicals and allow government inspection of wells.

Industry spins: Time for some counter-arguments, anyone?


A counter-spin here perhaps: Mighty River shutting down Southdown station (NZ Herald, 24 March 2015)

Region remains energised – report (TDN, 20 March)

Gas and renewables can be bedfellows (TDN, 16 March)

Beat climate change by finding more gas (TDN, 5 March) – Response from L DeVantier and C Cheung (TDN, 10March)

Oil sponsorships contradict WOMAD spirit


WOMAD – the World of Music, Arts and Dance – is here in New Zealand again, opening in New Plymouth this weekend (13-15 March). The aim of WOMAD is “to excite, to create, to inform and to highlight awareness of the worth and potential of a multicultural society“.

But did you know that two major sponsors of WOMAD NZ are Shell and Todd Energy?

Shell Nigeria Todd Mangahewa E Fiona Clark crop

Shell Todd Oil Services is currently seeking a consent to drill another 22 wells offshore and continue fossil fuel extraction for another 35 years. Read the rest of this entry »

Help Fight Fossil Fuel Expansion: fund raising appeal


Since 2010, Climate Justice Taranaki has been fighting the aggressive expansion of the fossil fuel industry, and raising awareness on climate change and social justice issues.

Last month, we wrote a 30 paged submission to the EPA asking them to decline Shell Todd Oil Services’ (STOS) application to further its drilling, production and discharge activities at the Maui platforms for another 35 years.

In our view the proposal does not meet the purpose of the EEZ Act—to promote sustainable management of natural resources. The Maui “field is now in its twilight years … STOS’ focus has shifted from … maximum reliable production, to finding … ways to economically unlock more difficult remaining volumes from the existing reservoirs…” STOS admits.

Drilling 22 side-track wells from existing wells and expecting the aging structures to withstand extreme weather events in coming decades is simply too risky.

We need expert witnesses and legal representation to best be able to present these, and additional arguments, including international obligations. We are therefore asking you for support.

Tasmania extended fracking moratorium to protect clean produce reputation


“Tasmania’s primary industries minister, Jeremy Rockliff, said uncertainty around fracking should not put at risk Tasmania’s reputation for producing fresh, premium and safe produce….” This is what NZ should be doing. See the community joint statement calling for a total ban on fracking in NZ – will your group join us?  As an individual, please sign the Stop Fracking Now petition.  Read full story on Tasmanian here (Guardian, 26 March 2015).

If you’re still not convinced, read “How earthquakes linked to fracking are fracturing an Oklahoma community” (Stuff, 28 Feb 2015)