Government sticks head in sand


Taranaki Daily News actually criticises the government on NZ’s poor international climate polluting ranking. Read their editorial 18 December 2014 here:

heads in the sand

Bad news: 17-31 December 2014


EPA granted marine consent to OMV for it’s development drilling at Maari oil field (EPA website) – submitters have until 28 Jan to file an appeal – CJT’s earlier posting on the OMV application here. And there are other oppositions, listen to Angeline Greensill speaking on Nga Hapu o te Uru customary fishing forum’s objection to EPA’s decision and OMV’s non-compliance under the EEZ Act (Radio NZ, 23 Dec)

Families forced to flee their homes from out-of-control leak at fracking well (EcoWatch, 17 Dec) – in Ohio, USA

Three wins for the environment ahead of Christmas


Court overturns Ruataniwha dam decision, backs green groups (TVNZ One News, 12 Dec)

Rejected iron sands mining company considers fresh bid (NZ Herald, 13 Dec) – Trans Tasman Resources (TTR)  “…has abandoned a High Court appeal against a decision rejecting its application to mine up to 50 million tonnes of black sand off the West Coast seabed.”  Well done KASM and all those who have spoken against the mining proposal!

Cuomo bans fracking in New York State (EcoWatch, 17 Dec)

Government sticks head in sand (TDN, 18 Dec) – while not strictly a win, such a critical editorial in Taranaki would not have been imaginable a year ago, is the tide turning?

Press release: New Oil and Gas Permits at odds with Climate Obligations


NZPAM permit for 2014 block offers NTaranaki permits combined 9Dec2014

“It is foolish and reckless for the NZ government to continue pushing for fossil fuel exploration. The government is ignoring its global obligation to tackling climate change. It’s turning a blind eye to legitimate concerns from kiwis who care about their oceans and marine life. It’s denying citizens’ of their basic rights to clean air, water and uncontaminated land while the industry ramps up drilling, flaring and toxic waste dumping,” Read the rest of this entry »

Heads in the Sand: What climate change?



Today, across NZ from Ahipara in the far north to Invercargill, hundreds of concerned kiwis gathered to put their heads in the sand on beaches —in satirical acknowledgement of the Government’s “Heads in the Sand” policies on climate change. Read the rest of this entry »

Media highlights: 1-10 December 2014


Landfarming given the go-ahead (TDN, 2 Dec) – misleading title, should be “Concerns over toxic waste dump on farm”

Green spending growning (TDN, 2 Dec) – more PR spins by regional council

Maari oil field gets a boost (TDN, 2 Dec) – OMV drilling continues while EPA process its marine consent application