Media highlights: November 2014

Council fined $115k over Eltham stink (Radio NZ, 24 Nov) – An example of just how closely linked industrial farming and the fossil fuel industry are, and the huge waste issues involved…

Rivals at odds over oil, gas potential (TDN, 24 Nov) – EPMU Taranaki organiser Ross Henderson said drilling wasn’t going to improve the job situation; oil companies had to find something.  The next 12 months were going to be tough and whether people would still have their jobs at the end of the year remained to be seen, he said. “The exploration programme is hit or miss.”

More seabed opened up for drilling  (Northland Age, 18 Nov) Mayor puts lid on fears of oil spills off Tararua  (Manuwatu Standard, 17 Nov) – Details on Petroleum Block Offers 2015 Consultation on NZPAM website

Judge rules landowner may sue gov’t in landmark fracking case  (The Tyee, 12 Nov) – Watch Jessica Ernst’s lecture here Oil giant to renew search  (Otago Daily Times, 8 Nov) Consent opponents condemn toxic waste  (TDN, 7 Nov) – quotes from CJT


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