CJT asks EPA to decline OMV’s marine consent applicaion

CJT Cumulative effects 50km radius v1 5Nov2014


The Environment Protection Authority came to Taranaki today to listen to community voices opposed to OMV’s marine consent application to drill seven new wells in its Maari oil field. Several Climate Justice Taranaki members addressed the five-person strong Decision Making Committee.  Urs Signer made quite an impression by pulling out the “elephant in the room” – climate change while Catherine Cheung went into the detailed reasoning for our opposition, notably the threats to the Maui’s Dolphin and cumulative effects. Here is her written statement.

The hearing started at 9.30am and finished at about 1pm. A full transcript should be available in coming days on the EPA

Media coverage:  Consent opponents condemn toxic waste  (TDN, 7 Nov 2014)


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