Protest at New Plymouth Oil and Gas Expo – Wednesday

Climate Justice Taranaki is organising a protest at the Oil and Gas Expo in New Plymouth this Wednesday, 22nd October 2014. [ FACEBOOK Event ]

“We are calling on people to stand up for climate justice. We have to leave fossil fuels in the ground and transition to a low-carbon use economy based on justice and sustainability and not the illogical concept of endless growth and greed” says Climate Justice Taranaki spokesperson Urs Signer.

“Climate change is a reality and the time for action was a long time ago. Activist groups, environmental NGOs and the scientific community have all urged governments and corporations to take action for decades, with very little effect. Rather than taking the necessary steps to avert catastrophic climate change, world ‘leaders’ are leading the world down a path of no return.”

“With our fossil-fuel addiction, we are all part of the problem. However, we could also all be part of the solution and the first step is to stop the drilling and leave fossil-fuels in the ground.”

“Our protest will take place on Wednesday, 22nd October 2014, at the Oil and Gas Expo in New Plymouth. We will gather at the corner of Coronation Ave and Rogan St at 12pm and then make our way to the Expo venue (TSB Stadium)” concludes Urs Signer.


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