Media Highlights: August 2014

Vote Compass:  Almost half of respondents opposed to further fracking  (TVNZ, 30 Aug) – Encouraging!

NZ profits plunge as exploration costs surge  (NZ Herald, 26 Aug)

Bridges: Speech to AusIMM conference  (scoop, 26 Aug) – “Getting the basics right has seen us cut red tape by making 150 amendments to simplify and streamline the RMA. … Since 2012, we have invested $4.4 million in aeromagnetic surveys of the West Coast and Northland. And a further $8 million has been earmarked in Budget 2014 for data gathering projects across petroleum and minerals over the next four years.” Simon Bridges

OMV abandons empty exploration well (stuff business, 26 Aug)

Biggest quake since ’89 hits California’s Bay area (NZ Herald, 25 Aug) – read also On Shaky Ground – Fracking acidizing, and increased Earthquake risks in California (March 2014)

Tough year for NZ mining (Otago Daily Times, 23 Aug)

Oil wellsite probe news to explorer  (TDN, 21 Aug) – CJT mentioned

Why the scientific case against fracking keeps getting strong  (Mother Jones, 15 Aug) – well worth a read/listen

No food safety risk in oil waste – MPI (Radio NZ, 15 Aug) – Despite traces of contaminants found in milk collected from farms where drilling wastes have been spread. Listen here to interview with MPI. The MPI report is here.

Tests for oil in North on cards  (NZ Herald, 15 Aug) – “The seismic testing was due to begin in December. Norway-based seismic contractor TGS would spent 3-6 months surveying Statoil’s area plus a larger area oil companies had yet to bid on…” 

US military plane in Rotorua (NZ Herald, 13 Aug) – “Representatives from the US Congress are visiting New Zealand for several days to examine areas of interest to the US Congress’ House Committee on Natural Resources, including energy and mineral production and export in Australia and New Zealand,”

Eco groups oppose further Maari field drilling  (Wanganui Chronicle, 13 Aug)

Tikorangi residents overturn road report  (TDN, 13 Aug) – “About 30 Tikorangi residents were there to support [Abbie] Jury and to press the council to acknowledge there were a raft of issues associated with the petrochemical industry in the area. Speeding trucks, unnecessary road works, unsafe truck loads and sub standard public sector planning were among just a few of the issues. … Councillors unanimously voted to accept the introduction of a new 80kmh speed limit along the whole stretch of Otaraoa Rd.” – A win for the locals!

TOKM joins marine mining protest  (Waatea News, 12 Aug)

Te Rarawa keeping a close eye on oil company Statoil  (Maori TV, 11 Aug)

Deep water fracking the next oil frontier  (NZ Herald, 8 Aug) – “Offshore fracking is a part of a broader industry-wide strategy to make billion-dollar deep-sea developments pay off. The practice has been around for two decades yet only in the past few years have advances in technology and vast offshore discoveries combined to make large scale fracking feasible…. Those expensive drilling projects are a boon for oil service providers such as Halliburton, Baker Hughes …”  Note both companies are very active in NZ.

Exploration well heading deeper (Gisborne Herald, 6 Aug)

Industry pumps up gas reserves  (TDN, 5 Aug)

Fracking the farm: Scientists worry about chemical exposure to livestock and agriculture  (TruthOut, 3 Aug)

Fracking – research biological fallout of shale-gas production must become top priority  (Princeton Journal Watch, 1 Aug)

Dita De Boni: Government by intimidation  (NZ Herald, 1 Aug)

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