Climate Change threatening NZ’s precious Glaciers

Franz Josef Glacier by  Jochen Schlenker Abrams & Chronicle
Franz Josef Glacier by Jochen Schlenker Abrams & Chronicle

“New Zealand’s vast Southern Alps mountain range has lost a third of its permanent snow and ice over the past four decades, diminishing some of the country’s most spectacular glaciers, new research has found. …

About 40% of the recorded ice loss has been in the dozen largest New Zealand glaciers, including the Tasman, Murchison and Maud glaciers. These huge slabs of ice and snow, supported by rock, take many years to respond to changing temperatures but are now collapsing…

The collapse of New Zealand’s glaciers is part of a wider global trend, with the thickness of smaller glaciers decreasing by approximately 12m on average between 1961 and 2005.

This, in turn, will contribute to rising sea levels. Last year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that the melting of mountain glaciers has added around 6-7cm to sea levels since 1900. A further 10-20cm is expected to be added from glaciers by 2100.”

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