Submissions closed 29 July but watch out for more Supplementary Information

NOTE:  OMV has just provided supplementary information made public by EPA on 30 July. Keep checking EPA website for additional documents and information about the hearing, to begin on 23 Sept. 

Below are CJT’s key points in our submission:

1)      The drilling program will further threaten the survival of endangered marine mammals, notably the Maui’s Dolphin and Blue Whale.

2)      The risks to marine life, coastal ecosystems, fisheries, local livelihoods and economy are too great if a major oil spill occurs.

3)      The application and impact assessment do not meet all the requirements of the EEZ Act, notably assessment of cumulative effects on marine mammals (i.e. considering also the impacts from fishing and other current and planned petroleum and mineral exploration and mining activities in the area).

4)     The analysis on economic benefits ignore potential costs and opportunity loss.

5)     The need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition onto renewable energy to avert catastrophic climate change.

6)      Reservations on the composition of the Decision Making Committee, noting members’ expertise and particular members’ past interest.

Read CJT’s full submission here.

Make sure you tick the “Hearing” box and state in your submission that you may wish to address issues concerning OMV’s supplementary information made available after 29 July 2014 at the hearing.

Online submission closes Tue 29 July 2014

CJT media release: Taranaki’s first Oil/Gas marine consent – a death knell for marine mammals

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