EPA info session re OMV Maari application, Taranaki – Thur 10 July

OMV New Zealand Ltd has been drilling in the Maari field 80km off South Taranaki. With the ceasing of the EEZ transitional provisions on 28 June 2014, a marine consent is required for the company to continue drilling past this date. The development drilling will involve drilling up to seven development wells. The EPA info session will cover the marine consent application, submission and hearing process. Meeting and submission details here.

Notably, OMV was responsible for two oil spills off Taranaki in Oct 2010, one reaching as far as the Kapiti Coast. Since then, we’ve learnt about the desperate situation of our endangered Maui Dolphin and a newly discovered feeding ground for Blue Whales in the South Taranaki Bight. Do we want more oil an gas drilling and seabed mining to threatened these already much endangered animals? Please go to the EPA meeting, learn about the OMV application and voice your concerns!

2 Responses to EPA info session re OMV Maari application, Taranaki – Thur 10 July

  1. deano says:

    Good on you all!

    You probably know that this came out last week about the Maui dolphin zone and the current seismic testing:


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