Media release: 99.5% of submissions oppose iron sand mining

mining-protest“Of the 4706 submissions the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) received on Trans-Tasman Resources’ (TTR) plans to mine iron sand off the Taranaki coast, a staggering 99.5% of submitters opposed the application! Only 8 people are asking the EPA to grant the application, while 3 want it granted with conditions. An overwhelming 4680 submissions is urging the EPA to decline the TTR’s application to extract iron sand” said Urs Signer, member of Climate Justice Taranaki, after reading the “Analysis of Submissions Report” by the EPA. [1]

The hearings are starting on 10th March in Wellington and are expected to be held in the Whanganui/Taranaki area between 28th April and 2nd May.

“The number of people submitted against TTR demonstrates that people up and down the country, and on the West Coast in particular, care about our oceans and don’t want to put the health of sea and its inhabitants at risk for a bit of short-term profit.”

“We mihi to our friends at ‘Kiwis Against Seabed Mining’ who have done a tremendous job over the past few years to raise awareness on this issue – iron sand mining is not our future.”

[1] See


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