Opposition against drilling growing in Taranaki


Hikoi1Beach protests were attended by thousands of people over the weekend sending a strong message to Anadarko and the government that there is growing opposition to deep-sea drilling and plenty of support for the Oil Free Seas Flotilla.

Even in Taranaki, the so-called ‘Texas of the South Pacific’, the increased public awareness around the impact of the drilling on the local and global environment has lead to protests. A beach protest in New Plymouth was attended by over 50 people on Saturday. At the same time, a hikoi led by South Taranaki Iwi Ngaruahinerangi is making its way from Parihaka to Hawera. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Release: Fracked communities denied protection


TexasNew queries by community watchdog Climate Justice Taranaki and other concerned citizens has revealed no insurance company will cover landowners or communities at risk from fracking or oil drilling exploration. To make matters worse, under the Resource Management Act, the rights and protection of ‘affected parties’ are also waivered if agreements or access is given to oil companies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Climate Justice Taranaki statement on Oil Free Seas Flotilla


Taranaki from the sea“Climate Justice Taranaki sends its support and solidarity to the people on board the ‘Oil Free Seas Flotilla’. Kia kaha e hoa ma, you speak for the sea! The SV Tiama and SV Baltazar are sailing past Taranaki today en route to oppose Anadarko’s deep sea oil drilling programme off our coast. The people on board the ‘Oil Free Seas Flotilla’ are supported by thousands of people up and down the country who want a sustainable and just future.”

“Anadarko is expected to arrive off the Taranaki coast in a few days with their drillship ‘Noble Bob Douglas’. We are opposed to deep sea drilling: it threatens our coast and our planet. Science tells us that we urgently need to get off fossil fuel consumption if catastrophic climate change is to be averted. History tells us that well-blowouts and oil spills are disastrous to marine life, fishery and tourism. Yet the government seems dead keen to make it as easy as possible for oil and gas companies to continue extracting the dirty stuff.”

“We say – make fossil fuels history!”

For more information: http://oilfreeseasflotilla.org.nz

Media highlights (1-16 Nov 2013)



Drilling near park a blow for iwi (TDN, 16 Nov)

Protests Flotilla to take on Anadarko  (Waikato Times, 12 Nov)

Todd submission favours local fracking consents  (TDN, 12 Nov)

MEDIA RELEASE: Petroleum and milk do not mix


Last week’s Fonterra tanker contamination scare (Taranaki Daily News, Nov 1st) is yet another alarming wake-up call, if more were needed. “It is mind-boggling that a drilling waste truck could possibly be confused with a milk tanker. But with oil and gas drilling and waste disposal operations sprawling rapidly across our farming landscape, it is perhaps of little surprise that such a disturbing incident could occur. The message is loud and clear – the petroleum industry and dairy farming cannot co-exist without jeopardising farming communities. Petroleum waste and milk simply do not mix,” said Catherine Cheung, researcher of Climate Justice Taranaki (CJT). Read the rest of this entry »