Oil spill model for NZ


Drilling rights in the ocean surrounding New Zealand are being sold off to big oil companies. Texan oil company Anadarko is set to begin deep sea exploratory drilling this summer off the Taranaki and Otago coasts. Greenpeace has released a scientific report modelling oil spills. You can read the full report here and check out the website here.

Media highlights (21-31 Oct)


Raglan residents slam lack of consultation  (stuff national, 25 Oct)

Russia drops piracy charges against activists  (TV 3 news, 24 Oct)

Gordon Campbell on Meridian share float and Anadarko (scoop, 24 Oct)

PEPANZ says a reality ‘check’ needed on oil disaster model (NZ Radio, 23 Oct)

Concerns mount over Anadarko drilling  (TV 3 news, 23 Oct)

Iwi ignored in Taranaki drill plan  (Waatea News, 22 Oct)

Tribal fury at drilling plans (TDN, 22 Oct)

Iwi opposing oil/gas drilling next to Egmont National Park (Radio NZ 21 Oct) – Drilling 300 m from the park, well blow out can affect 900m, noise effects 1200m, flare pit 220m from park border…

Commissioner has concerns over fracking  (Farmers Weekly, 21 Oct) – Well put together

Media Release: Frack democracy, let’s drill!


“Taranaki residents are outraged at the Ministry for the Environment’s (MfE) untimely consultation plans on the draft Guidelines for Local Government: Managing the Environmental Effects of Petroleum Development Activities, including Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)” says Emily Bailey from Climate Justice Taranaki.

The consultation period for the documentation spans just four weeks, ending on November 1st, when most councils are not yet meeting for the new term, following the election of new councillors. “It makes you wonder if MfE timed this on purpose to avoid proper consultation with elected representatives. Will council CEOs be responding to the MfE guidelines on behalf of us without inputs from councillors at all?” continued Bailey. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Highlights (1-20 Oct 2013)


Does Kaikoura want oil drilling?  (TV 3 news, 17 Oct)

Govt warned of oil spill impact  (stuff politics, 16 Oct)

Study reveals dangerous levels of radioactivity near fracking waste site  (The Real News, USA, 15 Oct)

Group criticises fracking consultation timeframe (NZ Radio, 14 Oct)

Simon Bridges defends Kaihoura drilling exploration  (TV 3 news, 14 Oct) – dismal but worth watching

To frack or not to frack  (Brisbane Times, 14 Oct)  – well articulated issues on fracking and coal seam gas

Packed house airs oil issues  (NZ Herald, 12 Oct)

Kaikoura’s trepidation with oil giant’s arrival (TV 3 news, 8 Oct) – must watch

Media Release: New landfarm report fails to address critical issues


The new report on landfarms commissioned by Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) fails to address critical issues of landfarming: environmental effects and food safety.

In a Radio NZ interview (4 Oct), author of the report, Doug Edmeades claimed that “even if the [consent] limits are exceeded, these petrochemicals are broken down by the bugs in the soil” and there is “no toxicity at all”. In fact, long-chain hydrocarbons (C>9) do not biodegrade easily, hence often exceed the limits. When pressed during the interview, the author acknowledged that it takes years for some petrochemicals to degrade. Read the rest of this entry »