Questionnaire for local candidates

TaranakiToday, Climate Justice Taranaki emailed a questionnaire to almost all of the 107 people who are standing in the local body elections in the Taranaki region. Voting papers are being sent out this Friday and we have asked candidates to respond to our questions by Friday afternoon. We are still trying to get a couple of email addresses for council hopefuls (and will have to go in the snail-mail).

We will collate all the answers here on our website. Our group will not endorsing any candidate. Here are the questions. What are your thoughts?

YES/NO Answers
1. Do you support a moratorium on fracking? YES or NO?
2. Do you agree that NZ must commit to reducing carbon emission to the atmosphere to below 350 parts per million, by transitioning away from fossil fuels now? YES or NO?
3. Will you work towards expanding our region’s public transport network? YES or NO?
4. Are you going to support initiatives to make Taranaki streams cleaner and safer by national Ministry for the Environment standards? YES or NO?
5. Do you agree that oil and gas drilling and discharge consents should be publicly notified? YES or NO?
6. Do you support seabed mining off our coast? YES or NO?
7. Do you believe the current regulatory and monitoring regime on the oil and gas industry is adequate? YES or NO?

Longer answers (100 words maximum)
8. What are your ideas for an environmentally sustainable Taranaki?
9. What are you going to do about climate change?
10. How can the dairy industry be made more sustainable, leading to cleaner streams, less emissions, soil conservation and more employment for rural communities?
11. How do you think drilling wastes from the oil and gas industry should be disposed off?
12. Are you concerned about the law changes in the EEZ and Continental Shelf Act concerning offshore drilling that makes protesting illegal and excludes public input?


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