Media highlights (1-30 September, 2013)

Residents upset over new well site  (TDN, Sept 27)

Greens catch anti-drilling protest wave  (DomPost, Sept 27)

Shortage of landfarming space in region predicted  (TDN, Sept 9)

Community anger as Tikorangi well gets go-ahead  (TDN, Sept 9)

Whale deaths blamed on offshore oil exploration (The Guardian, Sept 5)

Taranaki waste disposal farms are filling up  (Radio NZ, Sept 6)  – Must listen!

Rural residents worried river being polluted by composting  (Radio NZ, Sept 5)  – This composting/wormfarm operation mix drilling mud with farm & green waste to produce soil conditioner and other garden products!

Confirmed: Fracking practices to blame for Ohio earthquakes (NBC News Science, Sept 4)

Public to lose right to legally oppose deep sea oil exploration (Radio NZ, Sept 4) – listen to interview with EDS, EEZ barrister and Greenpeace on recent law changes


One Response to Media highlights (1-30 September, 2013)

  1. rCami Besly says:

    So, New Zealanders are subjects and not citizens? We have a right to protect our environment from big oil. New Zealand should be ahead of the curve and divesting from fossil fuels.

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