Petition: Stop the Matuku well

matukuPlease sign our new petition here.

This September OMV NZ Ltd (Austrian), Octanex NZ Ltd (Australian) and New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd want to drill an offshore well off the Taranaki coast between the Maui and Tui wells.

Save the whales
The Taranaki coastline is one of the roughest seas in the world. Very little is known about the wildlife there but we know it is migrating and/or feeding grounds for Blue Whales (the world’s largest animal ever), Southern Right Whales, Gray’s Beaked Whales, Humpback Whales, Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins and home to a fur seal breeding colony. (View DOC website, The commotion in the ocean)

Protect fisherfolk
This sea supports a large fishing industry and many local fisherfolk including Maori who rely on kaimoana (seafood) from this region.

No more spills!
Taranaki is littered with oil and gas wells on and offshore. The region has already suffered at least four oil spills and countless other accidents from the petroleum industry in the past ten years alone. We want a future based on sustainability and justice. We do not want anymore oil spills in Taranaki and we call on OMV, Octanex and NZOG to halt their planned drilling of the Matuku well this spring.  (View Deep sea drilling videos)

Climate Justice Now!


3 Responses to Petition: Stop the Matuku well

  1. > Many thanks
    > Was keen to know if I had found them all.
    > There was another serious one in October, 2010: A corroded pipeline sprang a leak at Origin Energy’s Rimu site off Mokoaia Rd in South Taranaki and up to 500 litres of oil and water spilled into a tributary of the nearby Manawapou River. Reference TRC website: *Origin Energy NZ Ltd, Rimu Pipeline Leak, October 2010: Cause, Remediation and Learning* *Points*, May, 2011, Taranaki Regional Council, Stratford*.*
    > *Regards*
    > *Jim tucker*

  2. Recent research now shows 8 spills or 5 sites with spills:

    2012 Ngaere Stream

    2011 Awakino River and into sea

    2010 October AND November oil spills in the Maari field off Taranaki’s south-west coast, and it washed up on Kapiti coast beaches

    2007 an estimated 33 tonnes of oil was spilled in the Tui field off the western Taranaki coastline, and 23 tonnes came ashore along 14 km of coastline south of Okato

    2000 Fletcher Challenge 3 spills, up to 50 litres of condensate in the Pohokura field off Motunui, which spread along 2 km of beach

  3. tuckertrc says:

    Can you please give details of the four oil spills you refer to. Thanks, Jim Tucker, candidate for Taranaki Regional Council.

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