MEDIA RELEASE: Iron Sand Mining Permit Will Be Opposed By Local Communities


url“We will join forces with other community groups in our region to protect the sea from Trans Tasman Resources’ plans to start seabed mining in South Taranaki” states Climate Justice Taranaki.

Last Friday, TTR announced they had submitted a mining permit application under the Crown Minerals Act with New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals to extract iron sands in an area covering 65.76 km2 within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) off the coast of Patea.

“Seabed mining has serious impacts on the environment. Just like with the oil and gas industry, mining companies make big money from ‘extracting’ mineral resources with little or no consideration for the ocean, marine species and fisherfolk. All they care about is their profit margin.”

“There are plenty of local voices already in South Taranaki speaking out against these activities. TTR does not have a social licence to operate in this region. At a public meeting in Patea last month, local resident Willy Harris said TTR’s proposal offered no economic or environmental benefits for his community. ‘It’s just another form of rape and pillage.’ Fellow resident Tennille Snooks said the town was beginning to educate itself on the proposal and they were ready to fight it all the way.”

“Unfortunately, the government seems dead-keen on turning New Zealand into one giant coal, gold, mineral and ironsand mine and into an even bigger oil and gas rig. However, opposition to these plans are growing in every corner of the country: from Puhipuhi to Coromandel, from Raglan to Patea, from Tikorangi to Cheal, from the Raukumara Basin to Porangahau, from the Denniston Plateau to Mataura!”

“We want a future based on sustainability and justice!”

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Taranaki Oil and Gas Sites


Taranaki Oil and Gas Sites

An interactive map prepared by Climate Justice Taranaki, based on information extracted from government and company documents.

To access, click on map.