MEDIA STATEMENT: Good on Fonterra


cow“Fonterra’s announcement today to not accept milk from any new landfarms is a great sign that it cares about the safety of its products and the sustainability of NZ’s dairy industry.”

“The recent expansion of the oil industry due to dangerous new techniques like fracking has destroyed soils, water aquifers and devastated the lives of farmers and rural folk in parts of Australia and the USA. We do not want to see that ever happen here.”

“While Fonterra is still facing problems around water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions we congratulate them on taking this step towards a truly clean, green country.”

“We now urge beef and lamb farmers as well as worm farmers to follow suit and say no to drilling waste. Consumer awareness and demand for safe and clean products cannot be ignored. There is also growing public support for sustainability, rather than for the damaging fossil fuel industry.”

Media Highlights (11-30 June 2013)


Insight:  Petroleum Exploration  (Radio NZ, June 30) – listen!

Dame Anne Salmond: Help us steer away from disaster (NZ Herald, June 27) – very eloquent article, on climate change and more…

Pat Baskett: Odds against us, but we must try  (NZ Herald, June 21) – great coverage of Bill McKibben’s talk on climate change!

Fonterra to halt future landfarm collections (TDN, June 20)

Fonterra to stop taking milk from farms with oil and gas waste  (RadioNZ, June 19)  – great news, must listen!

New exploration plan for old wells  (TDN, June 19)

Think Tank on Fracking (TV3, June 16) – well worth watching!

Fears raised over milk quality  (Wanganui Chronicle, June 14) – CJT media coverage

Petroleum industry pledges to work with Tikorangi residents  (Radio NZ, June 12, 8:45am) – Interviews with A.Jury, S.Roberts, Greymouth Petroleum & PEPANZ

Industry waste poses risk to green brand  (TDN, June 11)

Media Release: Oil and Gas – an Innovative and Ethical Industry?


FROM: Climate Justice Taranaki

“As the oil and gas CEOs suit up in New Plymouth this week for their ENEX conference, we ask just how much social discontent and safety concerns would it take for the industry and our governments to halt this mad rush for fossil fuels?” says Catherine Cheung,  Climate Justice Taranaki researcher. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Highlights (1-10 June 2013)


Drilling blowout emergency plan aired  (TDN, 7 Jun)

Divisive explorers warned  (TDN, 7 Jun)  – concern from Taranaki Federated Farmers

Concern over Taranaki drilling consents  (TDN, 6 Jun)  – concern from a well known farmer / businessman

Activists take stand against oil industry (TDN, 6 Jun) – coverage of CJT media release

Oil industry must react to closer scrutiny (TDN, 6 Jun)

In defence of oil waste disposal  (Wanganui Chronicle, 6 Jun)

Noise silences Sidewinder drilling (TDN, 4 Jun) – “Operations at a major Taranaki onshore gasfield have been suspended because its owner can’t meet increasingly stringent noise regulations….”

Cows could be grazing on landfill (3 News, 3 Jun) – Must watch!!